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Everyday Considerations

Everyday Considerations photo by TitleBeard

The Everyday Considerations series on TitleBeard will explore different items that people can include as part of their everyday carry or EDC.  Each monthly installment will address a different category of items as well as a number of companies that manufacture that particular item.  These are not product reviews, but each company will also receive a separate product review that will be published on TitleBeard.

The series articles are not meant to be competitive between the companies to say one is better than another.  We simply wanted to inform you of some of the options available so that you could make your own decision when considering a new purchase. Each installment in the series will take a look at the products and some of their interesting features, and are meant to be read in conjunction with the subsequent product reviews.  The installments will not cover every option available; rather, these are the companies who either volunteered to be part of the series or were products that I already had in my collection.

Each installment in the series will be published on the first day of each month and the series currently encompasses seventeen separate monthly entries.  If you have a product that you would like to see featured in one of the upcoming articles, please feel free to email TitleBeard[at]   For the most up to date information on the products that will be featured in upcoming series articles, follow TitleBeard on Instagram, @TitleBeard.

EDC Wallet cover photo by TitleBeard

Everyday Considerations: Wallets


handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard

Everyday Considerations: Hanks


Pens on wood background Everyday Considerations cover featured photo

Everyday Considerations: Pens


Everyday Considerations: Pocket Notebooks Part 1 cover photo

Everyday Considerations: Pocket Notebooks (Part 1)


Everyday Considerations Pocket Notebooks Part 2 Cover Photo

Everyday Considerations: Pocket Notebooks (Part 2)


Pocket Notebook Covers Everyday Considerations photo by TitleBeard

Everyday Considerations: Pocket Notebook Covers
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