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About TitleBeard

Want to get in touch with TitleBeard? Do you have a facial hair product you would like reviewed? Do you have an upcoming facial hair contest or event you would like publicized? Are you a competitor getting ready for a big competition and you would like to share some of your techniques with the masses?

Use any of the following methods below to get in touch with TitleBeard stay up to date with all of our articles and news as it is published.

  • Email: TitleBeard[at]

TitleBeard can help you find what you need!

Are you looking for some products to help clean, tame, or style your facial hair?  I am happy to tell you more about the products I have reviewed and my own experiences with them.

Looking to make a foray into the world of competitive facial hair?  On TitleBeard, you will find announcements about various contests around the country in addition to narratives on my own competitive experiences.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website.  Connect with TitleBeard on Twitter and Facebook, comment on the articles, stop in and say hi.

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