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Captain’s Log

Captain's Log logo designed by Kyle "Captain" Isaacs

In the Captain’s Log series on TitleBeard Kyle “Captain” Isaacs discussed all things beard. Take the mind of a young Kentucky lad well-read in the works of Hunter S. Thompson and exposed heavily to the beard world, add in the founding of a beard club and you have the Captain.  Captain stepped away from his role with TitleBeard in May 2015, but we are eternally grateful to him for his contributions, wit, and wisdom, and to see him return some day. 

Man up and take care

Competitions and nonsense

Styling Staches

Clubbed to death


Have beard, will work

Top 5 beard vs. food battles

No Shave November

Here in the beard world

Why are you shaving

Don’t fear the beard

A real beard for Christmas

Passing judgment

New Beard’s resolutions

A true legacy

Classy hat talk

Beards in sports

My first competition

John Muir had a beard

A host of problems

Soaps and such

Starting a beard team

Some shave all

Braids, rings, and the ties that bind

On the scent

Drinking it in

Another way of looking at it

Preparing for battle

Beard and moustache paraphernalia

Questions of a beard

Beard TV

A hopeless freak in the freestyle kingdom

Brushing up

Famous beards 

Where do I get off?

Beards of summer

On being manly

Trimming down, and stepping aside

Ahoy Abroad Logo by Kyle Isaacs for TitleBeard

Even though Captain no longer writes Captain’s Log, he has a creative itch that still needs to be scratched.  Enter his new series, “Ahoy Abroad” that will cover Captain’s adventures as he travels across the country.  Follow along, and be sure to follow Captain on Instagram, @captain_damnit.

Mad in Madison Co. (KY)

Tybee Island (GA)

The Streets of Savannah (GA)

The Great Smoky Mountains (TN)

Starting out to Springfield, Oregon

Oregon – a transplant’s perspective (Part 1)

Oregon – a transplant’s perspective (Part 2)

Oregon – a transplant’s perspective (Part 3)

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