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Wild Hedgehog Tactical

March 3, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

Wild Hedgehog Tactical medical kits


Those of you who follow TitleBeard on Instagram have seen the changes that my own everyday carry (EDC) has gone through over the last year.  Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of medical supplies.  I’d often carried a basic first aid kit in my car but never on my person, but thanks to some thoughtful instruction and guidance, I began to look at better equipping myself to deal with situations that required basic medical equipment.

If you speak to any number of people in the EDC community (or if you’ve read any of the articles in the Crafting The Ideal EDC series), you’ll see that most of these people believe that medical supplies are the items lacking in most people’s everyday carry.

Initially, I wanted to put together a small medical kit I could carry on my person on a pack.  In the process of looking for supplies, I came to the conclusion that I wanted an additional, larger kit that could ride in my car.  There are any number of options available on the market and in the process of deciding whether I wanted to build my own kit or buy a pre-made one, I came across Wild Hedgehog Tactical.  Wild Hedgehog Tactical offers a number of different medical and survival kits, from basic first aid kits to kits to deal with severe trauma.

After some exhaustive searches, I found that WH Tactical seems to offer the most useful assortment of items for your money including tourniquets, chest seals, Celox gauze, and basic first aid supplies, to name a few.  Pictured above, from left to right, are the Get Home Alive Medical Kit, Get Home Alive Medical Kit Lite, RATS Trauma Kit, and EDC Pocket Trauma Kit.

Wild Hedgehog Tactical offers kits to fit nearly any budget and routinely offers promotional discounts, making these kits an even better deal than they already are.  Be sure to visit and check them out on Instagram @WHTactical.


For pics like this and more great EDC and beard photos, be sure to follow @TitleBeard on Instagram.  

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