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0004: Crafting The Ideal EDC With Scott from Dangerous But Good

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0004 Crafting The Ideal EDC With Scott From Dangerous But Good Everyday Carry

Welcome to the newest entry in the TitleBeard series, Crafting The Ideal EDC.  In this installment, we’re having a talk with my new friend, Scott, from Dangerous But Good.  If you’re not familiar with Dangerous But Good, be sure to visit and have a look at some of the great apparel and accessories that Scott has designed.  I have a few apparel items like a hat, shirts, and hoodie along with seven awesome DBG patches and I’ll definitely be adding more to my collection as they’re released.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Scott Parkinson. I am a Christian, a husband and a father. My profession is a bit all over the place as I am in the midst of a career change; however, for many years I was a pastor, a graphic designer, and I am now a new business owner. I think it is fair to say I am a man that wears many different hats.

I was born in raised in Southern California, though being a strong second amendment supporter makes me feel a bit like a fish out of water. I currently live in a small country town roughly halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego.

What’s in your daily EDC that you carry on your person?

I like to try and keep things to a minimum, but almost always have my Glock19 with an Inforce Light, a spare mag, a Spyderco knife, wallet, key chain, and my iPhone on me. I think it is safe to say, theses are the thing I never leave home without.  Also making an appearance from time to time: beard products from CanYouHandlebar, patches and other accessories from Dangerous But Good, and a hank from Godspeed Tactical.

How long have you been carrying your EDC? 

I have been carrying for around 3 years now.

Why is your EDC and carrying these items important to you?

My EDC items are essential tools to my everyday life. Most people agree that they feel naked without their phone, but for me I feel the same way about all my EDC gear whether it is in my pocket, around my belt, or even in my backpack. Each item serves a purpose and each items carries its own significance.

What one item do you always have on you no matter the environment?

This might not be the answer everyone is expecting, but the honest answer is my computer. As a graphic designer and business owner my computer is my single most important tool. I take it just about everywhere I go. With it, I am my own model office.

What’s your favorite item in your EDC?

My favorite EDC item has to be my Glock 19 and now that I just got it back from Cerakote, I am falling in love with her all over again!

Does your EDC change, and if so, how often?

Absolutely, my carry items vary to different degrees daily. My most consistent items are, my phone, my keys, my wallet, my knife, and my computer.

How long did it take you to put together your current EDC?

15 minutes to set up for this photo and a lifetime to set up for daily carry.

What approach/philosophy did you take when assembling your EDC?

I am very practical and also a minimalist; however, enjoy carrying some items I just consider fun. For example, my great-grandfather’s tobacco pipe; though I don’t even smoke myself it is fun to carry and always reminds me of one of the thing I treasure most deeply, my family.

What’s one item you’d like to carry more often?

I live in California which has some fairly stupid gun laws. I would have to say I wish I lived in a state that supported freedom more deeply and didn’t tie the hands of her citizens when it comes to self defense. With that being said, I would like to carry my pistol more freely.

What’s one item you’d like to add to your EDC? 

I need to add a quality flashlight to my EDC. I do have a couple of different ones; however, I have yet to find one that I am super happy with that makes it into my pockets daily. Also as a former firefighter, I feel like I should know better and feel like I should mix in some basic EMS tools (i.e. a tourniquet, self clotting bandages, etc). My buddy Jason Demo has really helped point out how vital these tools are to carry daily. So there is my final answer, a quality flashlight sounds fun and sexy, but some basic EMS tools might be more essential.

What item(s) do you think is missing from most people’s EDC?

Hahaha, it looks like I jumped head and answered this question already. I never was good at following directions!

Do you have any stories about how your EDC came in useful for you outside of regular daily use/saved the day?

I like to be prepared and life is always good at throwing us curveballs. So with that said, my daily carry items have saved me from a number of tight spots from breaking down on the side of the road in the middle of the night, to protecting myself and my family from a dangerous situation. I truly believe the only things to stop bad people with guns from doing bad things, is good people with guns doing what is right.

Where can we find you on social media? 

Instagram: @dangerousbutgood
Twitter: @dangerousbutgood
Facebook: @dangerousbutgood

Scott From Dangerous But Good


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