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0003: Crafting The Ideal EDC With JasonDemo

February 3, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

JasonDemo everyday carry EDC

Welcome to the newest installment in the TitleBeard series, Crafting The Ideal EDC.  In case you missed the previous entries, head over to the Crafting The Ideal EDC page.  For this entry, we’re talking with JasonDemo.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m Jason. I am 32 years old and I live in Central Florida with my wife and two children that we are currently in the process of adopting. Former Deputy Sheriff. Nine years total in law enforcement where I spent time in Patrol, Field Training Officer, Tactical Anti-Crime Unit, and I finished my career doing Violent Fugitive Apprehensions. I also spent time as a Search & Rescue K9 Handler. I left law enforcement in February of 2015 and I currently own a wedding photography company with my wife which allows me to work mostly from home. I am a youth leader at my church and some of my favorite hobbies are shooting, reading, working out, camping, and fishing. I am very passionate about my faith, my family, and being prepared.

What’s in your daily EDC that you carry on your person?

I typically carry a Glock 23c and two spare mags OWB, a Ruger LCP in an ankle holster, Spyderco Tenacious, Kabar TDI, Surefire G2X, and a pocket trauma kit that contains a CAT tourniquet, RATS tourniquet, Israeli pressure bandage, Quik Clot combat gauze, and two pairs of gloves. All of my holsters are kydex and they are made by Squared Away Customs. I typically rotate belts but I do think a very rigid belt is important when carrying a firearm.

How long have you been carrying your EDC?

11 years. I started carrying a firearm daily when I was 21 and that’s when my journey into EDC began. It has certainly evolved over the years and I didn’t start carrying a lot of gear until a few years ago.

Why is your EDC and carrying these items important to you?

Simple. I like being prepared to serve others. I am very passionate about being able to help people in need. I want to be as prepared as possible to protect myself, my family, and others. I used to carry a lot of items on my person that strictly made every day tasks easier such as pens, notepad, multitool, etc. Now I keep those items in a bag in my vehicle and all of my on body EDC is focused on self defense and life preservation.

What one item do you always have on you no matter the environment?

I wish I could say my firearm, but the reality is there are simply places we can’t carry our guns. With that said, I absolutely never leave home without a tourniquet on my person. I can carry it into government buildings, schools, on airplanes, etc.

What’s your favorite item in your EDC?

Definitely my Glock 23c. A lot of people knock me for carrying a .40 but I just shoot it better than the 19. I’ve also upgraded several things on it to include Way of the Gun Y-Notch sights, OC Custom trigger, Vicker’s Tactical extended slide stop, Inforce APL, frame stippling, and a few other minor things.

Does your EDC change, and if so, how often?

I think most of us would be lying if we said our EDC doesn’t change. I try to keep it as consistent as possible but there’s always new gear to try and my wardrobe changes depending on the weather. For the most part it stays the same though. I typically wear cargo pants and a cover garment to help conceal and store everything I carry, but the items will change a bit if I just wear shorts and a t-shirt. I absolutely won’t leave the house without a gun, knife, flashlight, and tourniquet on my person.

How long did it take you to put together your current EDC?

I’d say it took all 11 years I’ve been carrying. It started off with a Springfield XD9 subcompact in a leather holster and that was it. All I cared about was having a gun with me everywhere I went. As you can see, it’s evolved quite a bit over the years. The more training I took, the more experience I gained on the street, and the more studying I did the more I became aware of what I thought was essential and non-essential.

What approach/philosophy did you take when assembling your EDC?

Great question! In the past I’ve gotten caught up in some of the novelty items like knucks, hanks, cool pens, etc. There’s nothing wrong with those items but I’m to the point in my life where I want to carry items that are 100% essential and not necessarily for looks or entertainment. My items are centered around self defense and preserving life. I don’t know many people that carry a small trauma kit on their person like I do, but I literally modified my wardrobe specifically for that purpose. I wear cargo pants or cargo shorts nearly every day just so I can store the medical kit in one of the cargo pockets. I used to just wear t-shirts and now I wear a cover garment so that I can carry my Glock and two spare mags OWB. It’s much more comfortable that way, especially when carrying a gun with a weapon light. I carried appendix for several years and still do if I’m only wearing a t-shirt, but OWB is so much more comfortable.

What’s one item you’d like to carry more often?

Probably a multitool. I used to carry one every day but I just feel like I have to sacrifice something that’s more important to me just to make space for it. I do keep one in my EDC bag that’s always in my car. As much as I’d like to carry one, I just don’t think I’ll add one back into my EDC. So I’d “like” to have one on me, but I don’t “need” to have one on me.

What’s one item you’d like to add to your EDC? 

To be honest there’s not really anything realistic that I’d like to add. I feel pretty happy with what I’ve arrived at currently. I don’t feel like I am missing anything based on my personal needs. I certainly don’t think I have the “best” EDC because EDC is very personal, however I think that I have the best EDC for me personally. If I was forced to pick an item I’d probably upgrade my Spyderco to a nicer folder. I run my gear pretty hard and I’ve been known to lose folders and lights so I don’t spend too much money on those anymore, but it would be nice to have a higher quality blade.

What item(s) do you think is missing from most people’s EDC?

Medical gear! If you have room for a multitool, knucks, folded hank, field notes, hand tool, etc you have room for a tourniquet. How many car accidents have you passed in your lifetime? You are much more likely to need your medical gear than your firearm.

Do you have any stories about how your EDC came in useful for you outside of regular daily use/saved the day?

I’ve opened up my trauma kit several times at car accidents. As silly as it sounds having gloves allowed me to treat victims because they were bloody and nobody else wanted to touch them before EMS arrived.

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram: @JasonDemo
I recently started a blog but it slowed down during this adoption process. I should be kicking it back up in the coming weeks:


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