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0001: Crafting The Ideal EDC With Canetuckeecarry

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0001 Crafting The Ideal EDC With Canetuckeecarry

Welcome to the new TitleBeard series, Crafting The Ideal EDC.  Each entry will feature a new everyday carry (EDC) assortment and an interview with the person who carries it.

There are numerous options available in every category of EDC, and while I’ve covered a few of those in the TitleBeard Everyday Considerations series, there are still plenty I haven’t.

I’ve enlisted the help of some EDC pros and took the time to interview them about their EDCs; the contents, their favorites, and their ideologies.  First up, we have my friend (and fellow Kentuckian) @Canetuckecarry.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Rex M. I currently hail from the middle of nowhere in northeast Kentucky. I’m entirely too tall.

What’s in your daily EDC that you carry on your person? 

How long have you been carrying your EDC?

In some form or another I’ve been carrying an EDC since I was a kid. I learned from an early age it is much better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it. When I was little I always had a pocketknife of some sort on me. As I grew older, and encountered larger and more daily needs my EDC expanded. It wasn’t until the last 5 years or so that I started thinking about what I carry in terms of EDC. Until then, it was just things I thought I would need on me. However, once I did start thinking in terms of EDC, my carry became a lot more focused and comprehensive as a system.

Why is your EDC and carrying these items important to you?

It may be all those Boy Scout meetings where we said the motto over and over, but I deeply believe it is everyone’s responsibility to “be prepared” for what they can be. If someone wants to be a successful and productive person, they cannot simply wing it through life. Success takes preparation and energy. My EDC is only a facet of that mentality. Each item included has a purpose that without I would be less prepared to adeptly handle. The purpose of some items can influence life or death situations. If I can be prepared to save someone’s life if that situation occurs, then I am going to do all I can to be prepared.

What one item do you always have on you no matter the environment?

I always have my W.H. Tactical EDC Trauma Kit. There’s no place that I’m aware of that restricts basic medical equipment, and a medical emergency can happen anywhere.

What’s your favorite item in your EDC?

I love my M&P. It’s the least likely item to be used on a daily basis, but it’s definitely my favorite to use. Nothing is quite as relaxing and challenging as going out to the range working to become a better shooter.

Does your EDC change, and if so, how often?

The peripheral EDC items change daily. I rotate pocket tools, flashlights, notebooks, utility blades, etc. What I tend to keep the same are the items that require snap muscle memory to use effectively, like defensive blades and firearms. That does not mean I do not change those items, rather I am very intentional about what I rotate them with. For example, my defensive blades are all curved in the same manner so that their deployment and use utilize the same movements. My firearms all use the same weapon light and holster, and have the same grip angle and recoil impulse. I also shed items outside of Medical, Firearm, Utility Blade, Flashlight, and Wallets if the need arises. If legally allowed I never go without those five items.

How long did it take you to put together your current EDC?

Not to sound arrogant, but it really is a lifetime of learning, evaluating, testing, and adjusting. If I get to a point where I refuse to go through that process, I’ll probably be the equivalent of the guys who think 1911s are as good as it will ever get.

What approach/philosophy did you take when assembling your EDC?

When building an EDC, I think there are two sides to it. The pragmatic and practical aspect, and the emergency aspect. On the practical side, I have scenarios and situations I’m in on an almost daily basis. I make sure I have the tools to handle those situations. This is where a person’s EDC should be unique. We don’t all live the same lives. I live in a very rural place, where if I break down I could be stranded for hours before someone finds me. I need to have a survival aspect in my EDC. Someone who spends 24/7 in an urban center probably won’t need those same tools. As tools and my life change, I continually evaluate what I carry and switch things out as needed. Nothing is permanent. On the emergency side of things, I try to be prepared for occurrences that are more likely to come my way such as self defense and stopping trauma, both situations that can happen to anyone in the blink of an eye.

What’s one item you’d like to carry more often?

I would love to carry bigger fixed blade knives. They’re not always practical but I love using them way more than any folder.

What’s one item you’d like to add to your EDC?

I am currently looking into adding a backup gun back into my EDC. I used to carry a Smith and Wesson 638 revolver, but sold it to fund another gun. I’m not sure if I want another revolver or possibly a single stack 9mm.

What item do you think is missing from most people’s EDC?

Medical. Without a doubt it’s the most important item that no one seems to carry. You are much more likely to need a tourniquet than you are a gun.

Do you have any stories about how your EDC came in useful for you outside of regular daily use/saved the day?

Thankfully I do not have any stories. I count that as a blessing. It would be just fine by me if I get to the end of my life and never had to use my gun or trauma kit on another human being.

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram: @canetuckeecarry & @united2a

Rex Canetuckeecarry

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