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TitleBeard’s 2016 Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide – Handkerchiefs

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TitleBeard 2016 Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide Handkerchiefs group shot

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide – Handkerchiefs

Welcome back!  Thanks for joining us for the third entry in TitleBeard’s 2016 Last Minute Christmas Gift Guides.  In case you haven’t already had the opportunity check out the first two entries, feel free to visit TitleBeard’s 2016 Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide – Everyday Carry and TitleBeard’s 2016 Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide – Beard Products.

In round three, we’re going to cover another popular everyday carry (EDC) item, the handkerchief.  I would have included this in the EDC gift guide, but as you’ll see, that would have substantially increased the length of the article, so I decided to give hanks a breakdown all their own.  If the ones listed here aren’t enough to satisfy your hank craving, feel free to check out Everyday Considerations: Hanks to see these and more!

A couple quick disclaimers – due to the “last minute” nature of the article, I believe that all of these companies have already cut off orders that would be received by Christmas, so before ordering be sure to check with the specific company to confirm any relevant shipping deadlines.  Also, I did not receive any consideration for posting about any items contained in this post (but did receive some complimentary hanks for review purposes), and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Red Raven Hanks ($15)


Instagram: @redravenhanks

Red Raven Hanks handkerchiefs

Red Raven Hanks is based in Mt. Sterling, KY.  If you take a look at their website, you’ll notice that all hanks are currently out of stock as the bulk of their releases come out during the summer.  However, if you’re a fan of handkerchiefs, Red Raven is one to put on your list.  Red Raven offers hanks in multiple materials and patterns, including some hard-to-find vintage releases.

When in stock, you can find both lighter weight material hanks along with heavier weight material ones.  I have more Red Raven hanks than any others in my collection, and the ones pictured above are some of my favorites.  Perhaps my favorite feature is the stitch that runs diagonally from one corner to another.  This prevents the two pieces of fabric from bunching up or slipping during use, and since I use my hanks for more than taking cool photos for Instagram, I greatly appreciate this.


Cranky Hanky Co. ($14.99-$30)


Instagram: @crankyhankyco

Cranky Hanky Co handkerchiefs

Based in Arizona, Cranky Hanky Co. offers customers a wide variety of designs and materials from which to choose, and has one of the largest currently available inventories that I’ve seen.  I met Car, the company founder, through Instagram and Cranky hanks have grown to be the second largest number in my collection.  Car offers lighter and heavier weight hanks in a number of designs I haven’t seen from any other hank makers (a rarity these days), and her flannel hanks are (the first three from left to right in the photo above) are some of my favorites across the board.

Cranky also offers slim wallets that are often available on a first come, first served basis on the Cranky Instagram page, along with sleeves and pouches for a number of EDC items such as pens and smaller knives.  You can’t go wrong with any of the Cranky hanks, but do yourself a favor and pick up one of the flannel ones – you won’t be disappointed.


Godspeed Tactical ($24)


Instagram: @godspeedtactical

Godspeed Tactical handkerchiefs sugar skull navy garden of life


Godspeed Tactical was another great Instagram find.  They release mostly cotton hanks (somtimes utilizing a linen or flannel backing), in small batches, every Friday.  GT hanks have a number of interesting features, my favorite of which is the use of two decorative sides rather than one decorative side with a plain backing.  GT really mixes up the patterns used so with each hank that you purchase, it’s almost like you’re buying two.

Some of the hanks also feature the GT Signature lanyard hole, and the stitching on GT hanks goes all the way to the edge of the fabric, which strengthens the stitches.  All of the GT hanks are series numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Out of his current available inventory (at the time of publication), definitely check out the Houndsteeth hanks.


Rocket Squares ($9-$13)


Instagram: @rocketsquares

Rocket Squares handkerchiefs donut owl anchor


Rocket Squares offers both handkerchiefs and pocket squares (something else I’m a huge fan of).  While hanks from many makers can often function as pocket squares because they’re thinner, the Rocket Squares pocket squares (not pictured here) are true one-panel pocket squares, thin enough to fold into the shape of your choice.   RS offers a wide selection of EDC hanks with original patterns that I’ve not seen anywhere else.

My favorite feature of nearly all their hanks is a plain, much more professional pattern on one side, then a fun pattern on the other.  As you can see on the middle hank above, one side is a light purple cotton with some very subtle lines while the other side is a donut-covered flannel.  RS has a few seasonal options along with a number of animal-themed options, and monogramming is available for an extra $5 per hank.


Morein Made ($25-$40)


Instagram: @morein_made

Morein Made handkerchiefs

At the time of publication, the original Morein website was down, so for hanks, it’s best to get in touch with them through their Instagram page.  Morein offers a number of men’s wallets and accessories, and some stunning hanks.  The two that I have, “Lovely girls” (left) and “Into the Woods” (right) are both part of numbered series releases, noted on the cardstock COA that comes with each hank.  Morein hanks can utilize cotton, flannel, and/or linen depending upon the hank you get, and they do an excellent job of combining two typically well-matched decorative pieces into one great hank.  Speaking of combinations, Morein has also on occasion, offered unique patchwork hanks as well.

Contact Morein via Instagram for current hank offerings, then check out the Double Down EDC website to pick up one of their slim wallets as well.  Front pocket/slim wallets have been en vogue with the EDC community for some time now, but the Morein version offers a card pocket in the front, and a cash pocket (instead of the more common strap) in the back.


Lion Tribe Armory ($17-$32)


Instagram: @liontribearmory

Lion Tribe Armory handkerchiefs flannel paisley fingerprint


Lion Tribe Armory has a massive inventory of available hanks, including the largest collection of Star Wars themed hanks that I’ve seen.  LTA offers both lighter and heavier weight hanks, and of the three that I own, the blue flannel pictured above is my favorite (in case you couldn’t tell, I favor the heavier weight hanks across the board).  Something that separates LTA from many of their colleagues is their use of embroidery.  The fingerprint you see pictured above is not a design in the fabric – it’s embroidered.  This adds an excellent layer of texture to the hanks and makes the design really pop.

Some of the lighter weight hanks do have the diagonal stitching that I mentioned earlier, making these well suited for daily use.  If you like the embroidery and Star Wars, you’re in luck, because a number of the Star Wars hanks feature similar intricate embroidery.  In addition to the hanks, LTA offers pocket notebook covers in a number of patterns, and EDC small item carriers as well.  If I were buying something right now, I’d go for the Asian patch works hank or the Embroidered Punisher hank.


Handkerchief USA ($17-$18)


Instagram: @handkerchief_usa

Handkerchief USA handkerchiefs


Handkerchief USA was another nice Instagram find, and they gained some cool points with me when they sent me a Curious George hank for my daughter (she sleeps with it every night).  HUSA offers lightweight and superlightweight (one panel) hanks, that work well for daily use as well as utilization as a pocket square.  The map hank you see above is one of the single panel hanks.

HUSA also offers, from time to time, small item caddies that are made in batches of three and generally sold from their Instagram account on a first come, first served basis.  From their current available inventory, my go to choice would be the Dragons Breath Hank.


Heritage Hanks $10-$15)

Instagram: @heritagehanks

Heritage Hanks handkerchiefs paisleys flowers


Similar to something I said in the EDC Gift Guide, if you’re a fan of hanks and aren’t on Instagram, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  Coming out of Tennessee, Heritage Hanks offers a variety of lighter weight hanks in a number of different patterns and themes.  Just a few days ago, I caught sight of a few nice reindeer themed hanks they have available.  Because HH operates solely on Instagram, most of their hanks are first come, first served by commenting on the post with the hank you want.

The HH hanks measure 10 x 10 and are thin enough to use as a pocket square without adding too much bulk to your pocket, and their vibrant patterns can add a nice pop of color to a more formal outfit.  For my money, I’m looking at the Santa Clause hank they currently have available (because it has an awesome beard and moustache outline on it) as well as one of the flannel options from their Merry & Bright Collection.


Gentleman’s Carry ($12-$14)

Instagram: @gentlemanscarry

Gentleman's Carry handkerchiefs

Gentleman’s Carry is another Instagram-only company, and orders can be placed via direct message.  GC has put out a number of lighter weight hanks in small batches, and they’ve typically been snatched up fairly quickly.  While many lighter weight hanks you find have one decorative side and one plain side, GC has chosen to integrate a more subtle, but complementary decorative side on the backs of their hanks, and it’s definitely a nice touch.

My favorite of the three I have is the owl hank pictured above, which has a gold backing with light brown paisleys on it.  I can carry it either way, but typically carry it “owls out” as I like the vibrant colors.  GC’s Instagram account hasn’t been active in a little bit, so if you’re wanting to purchase I definitely recommend contacting them to check on their available inventory.


There you have it!  I’m a bit of handkerchief fiend, so having the opportunity to share all of these with you has been a lot of fun.  There’s definitely something for all budgets and tastes, and a lot of nice add-on items available as well.  Check back tomorrow to see our final gift guide for the season.  Happy Holidays!

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