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Product Review: Pricey’s Beard Care

November 20, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

I had the privilege of reviewing a couple of balms from Pricey’s beard care products. Pricey’s is a small, family run, veteran owned business based in Northern Ohio, USA. They actually do small runs at a time using local ingredients to keep quality at its highest. Needless to say, this is a product proudly made in the USA.  Here’s where you can find Pricey’s across the web:


Instragram: @priceysbeardcare

Facebook: @priceys-beard-care

Twitter: @priceysBC

Don’t have time to read the full review?  No problem, visit the Tales of the Tape:

Pricey’s Original beard balm Tale of the Tape

Pricey’s Sandalwood beard balm Tale of the Tape

Pricey's Original beard balm photo by Adam Swanson for TitleBeardPackaging

Pricey’s comes in a a variety of sizes from 1oz sample up to a large 8oz. Pricey’s sent me the 2 oz tin, it came in a padded mailer and then individually wrapped in a small plastic bag. The labels have a nice vintage look to them and come chock full of information. They list ingredients, which happen to be all natural and sourced from the United States. They also give a short explanation on how to apply, which is nice for those of you that may have never used a balm before.


Pricey’s is a thicker balm in the tin, and resistant to heat which is great for carrying it in your pocket; there is no worry about it melting and making a mess. For balm, I like to use a scoop of sorts. Some use small wooden tools specific for this, but I use a guitar pic given to me in the past. I scoop a bit out and rub it between my palms then apply it as evenly as possibly throughout my beard. Sometimes it helps to use a boar’s hairbrush that will help distribute the balm evenly. The good thing about Pricey’s is once you scoop a little out and rub between your palms, it melts nicely and applies evenly through the beard without the need for messing with it further. Because of its unique consistency it applies evenly; I’ve found that some balms are stiff in and out of the tin making application difficult, leaving chunks of balm throughout the beard. Pricey’s managed to hit that perfect texture.


Over the couple weeks of using Pricey’s I’ve noticed an overall softer, more manageable beard. I try and apply balm at least once a day, preferably after a morning shower. Pricey’s kept my beard manageable throughout the day without needing to reapply. It has a soft control that lets the beard move naturally unlike other balms that make it feel stiff, and heavy. This is great for daily conditioning.

Pricey's Sandalwood beard balm photo by Adam Swanson for TitleBeard.Scent


Pricey’s Sandalwood scent is a subtle, smokey scent that is comprised of Sandalwood and Cedarwood. The scent is mellow and masculine. On Pricey’s website they say that the scent lasts for 4 hours. I feel like it lasts longer, as you catch whiffs of it throughout the day.


Pricey’s Original is my favorite of the two that I was able to try. It’s more of a citrus scent, comprised of lemon and a light eucalyptus undertone. Original is a very refreshing scent that will leave you feeling refined and polished. Pricey’s says that their original is the more mellow out of all of the scents they offer, so if you’re looking for a great balm, but don’t want the scent to be too powerful this would be the one to grab.

 Comparative Cost

A two ounce tin of the beard balm sells for $14.99 (plus shipping).  This puts it on the lower end of the price spectrum for beard balms; with the conditioning properties it offers, it’s a great buy for your money.

Be sure to visit Pricey’s at the locations above and see all of the products they have to offer!

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