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Product Review: Milkman Grooming Co.

November 2, 2015 | By | 1 Comment
Milkman Grooming Co. beard products photo by Adam Swanson for TitleBeard

Photos by Adam Swanson

Milkman Grooming Co.

Good day gents, today I have the honor of going over some top shelf products from the folks over at Milkman! They hail all the way from Australia and make nothing but amazing products. I was very happy to receive their products a few weeks back, it was hard to not dive right in. They have a ton of products offered on their website, but today I’m going to only go over a few. The balm, mustache wax, beard oil, and the amazing Mo-Brush. (I added the amazing because I feel it fits.)

Alright, enough fluff, lets get to the nitty gritty!  Here’s where you can find Milkman across the web:


Instagram: @milkmanaustralia

Facebook: @milkmanaustralia

First up, Milkman Beard Candy! Beard Balm.  Don’t have time to read the full review?  No problem, check out the Tale of the Tape.

Milkman Grooming Co. Beard Candy Beard Balm photo by Adam Swanson for TitleBeardPackaging

Milkman’s Beard Candy Beard Balm comes packaged in a 60 ml (2 oz) screw top tin with a nice foam gasket to keep it from leaking if it were to melt in a carry on bag or backpack. With minimalist styling on the labels, they really let the product speak for itself. They include a short tutorial on the bottom for the people that may have never used a balm before, along with ingredients and social media tags. If you don’t already follow them, make sure to find them @milkmanaustralia on Instagram. I actually saw them post a photo of Australian bad boy, CJ Wellsmore with some of their product. The best only use the best, that should say something.


The consistency of Milkman is slightly firm in the tin, but quick to dissolve for easy and even application. Many people worry that a wax/balm will be chunky in the beard but that’s not the case with Milkman’s Beard Candy. Once you scrape a bit out of the tin and rub it between your palms for a bit, it applies evenly throughout the beard and leaves your beard feeling softer and more controlled.


I live in California here in the Mojave Desert. That being said, I may not need to tell you that all we get is wind and heat. I prefer a balm because of the conditioning and styling properties in my summer weather conditions. Beard Candy does a good job keeping my beard soft to the touch in the dry heat and controlled in the windy conditions out here in the elements. You can use this with an oil to help if the balm isn’t enough for your preference when it comes to conditioning, but I’ve felt that it conditions well on its own.


Being that it’s called beard candy, I thought it would be more of a sweet scent, but it’s actually a masculine woodsy scent. Along with the woodsy scent, it has spicy undertones that are reminiscent of a muscle cream. It’s very refreshing and gets your attention when applying.

Comparative Cost

The prices listed on Milkman’s website are all in Australian Dollars, so I used a handy online currency converter to come up with the approximate amounts listed here.  The two ounce tin of the Beard Candy Beard Balm sells for $24.25 ($34 AUD).  This puts it on the higher end of the comparative price spectrum, but not by much.


Milkman Grooming Co. Moustache Wax photo by Adam Swanson for TitleBeardNext up, we have the Milkman Moustache Wax.  Don’t have time to read the full review?  Visit the Tale of the Tape.


The packaging for the Mo-Stick is what first caught my eye when opening the package I received from Milkman. I thought it was chapstick, but as I started to look I realized it was actually a tube of moustache wax. The wax comes in a 15ml/.5oz chapstick-like tube, 3 times the size of a normal chapstick container. This is a great idea, as it’s easy to carry as well as apply and re apply throughout your day. The mo-stick has the same, minimalist styled label as their other products with a short how to right on the packaging. Packaging gets an A+ in my book, possibly even a gold star.


The consistency of Mo-Stick wax is softer than I’m used to when using a moustache wax. There’s no need for scraping and warming up. You use the tube just like you were applying chapstick but directly to your moustache. About four passes each side, and you then work it in with your fingers finishing it off with a fine toothed comb or their wonderful Mo-Brush. It’s for those of us that want a clean looking moustache, without making it work of art. It leaves your moustache in place helping your beard looking more refined and polished overall.


The Mo-Stick is a great protector and conditioning product. It isn’t a wax you’d want to use for an aggressively styled moustache, as it remains pliable after application. Instead, this is more of an everyday moustache wax to keep the crazy hairs from tickling your nose or pointing straight out from your face like a hunting dog that’s found a bush full of quail. The mo-stick helps your moustache stay in place and still look natural.


The scent of the Mo-Stick is a simple one. Not too complex, it’s a basic pine scent. Being that it’s directly under your nose I’m ok with the scent not being over complicated. The scent is strong when initially applied but mellows about 20 minutes after application.

Comparative Cost

The tube of Moustache Wax sells for $14.25 ($20.00 AUD).  Like the beard balm, this is on the higher end of the price spectrum when it comes to moustache wax.  However, while most moustache waxes are portable in their own right, the Mo-Stick does offer an increased portability.  Combined with the lighter hold the wax offers, some users may find this wax to be well worth the cost for daily use.


Milkman Grooming Co. King of Wood Beard Oil photo by Adam Swanson for TitleBeardThird on the list, we have the Milkman Grooming Co. King of Wood Beard Oil.  Can’t read the full review right now?  Head over to the Tale of the Tape.


Milkman’s King of Wood Beard Oil comes in a large 50ml/1.7oz amber bottle with dropper top. The label is printed directly on the bottle making it so that it doesn’t get disgusting after some oil drips down the side. Very professional looking packaging, with minimal design aesthetic, something I’ve come to expect and admire from Milkman.


Milkman’s Beard oil is a thin, clear oil. The dropper top provided is a life saver or else I would have dumped it out in its entirety into my palm the first time applying. But, don’t let the thin oil fool you, it applies evenly and works through my beard like a champ.


Milkman’s oil has a high shine look after applied. It’s a healthy sheen that had me getting compliments on how good my beard looked. My beard felt a little stiff after application, which was a shock, considering that it was thinner oil. The control of the oil is great, it’s more than I expected after putting it in my beard.


The scent of King of Wood is a bit perfume like for my personal taste. They advertise that it’s a cedar wood scent with sandalwood and spice, but I just didn’t get that. I smell a more powder, floral scent. It’s not a bad smell, just not what I expected from a wood based scent.

Comparative Cost

The 1.7 oz bottle of beard oil sells for $22.80 ($32. AUD).  Unlike the balm and moustache wax, this places the beard oil on the lower end of the price spectrum, which makes it a solid buy for those looking for more control with their beard oil.


Milkman Grooming Co. Moustache Brush photo by Adam Swanson for TitleBeardLast but not certainly least, we have the Moustache Brush.   If you don’t have time to check out the full review, head over to the Tale of the Tape.


Another item that caught my eye when opening the package sent from Milkman was this little clear plastic package containing a small boar bristle brush. I immediately fell in love as I’m a fan of cool things that are tiny. I think this stems from all the rad tiny toys in the 80s. The brush itself is made from wood, with boar bristles and a Milkman print on the opposite side of the bristles.


This brush is labeled as a moustache brush, but for someone with a shorter beard it would work fine as an all around pocket brush or travel companion. This little brush is my new favorite when it comes to daily beard rituals. Usually it’s wash, oil, brush, comb but now I’ve added mo-brush into the mix! It’s high quality, 100% boar bristles are stiff enough to make sure that your moustache is no match. The only thing that I have to complain about is that my 2 year old always goes into my beard drawer and runs off with it!

Comparative Cost

The Moustache Brush sells for $12.85 ($18.00 AUD).  This is higher than an average boar bristle brush, but there is a price to pay for portability and this brush will keep your moustache (and possibly your beard) looking great on the go without taking up much space.

Milkman has a great little assortment of beard and moustache products, and even has some shaving products available if that’s your thing.  Be sure to visit their website and check them out on social media to see everything they have to offer.


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  1. MoMo says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the review. I recently bought the Milkman Moustache Wax stick in Sydney and I’ve been using it when I go out. I’ve actually only been applying it about once/twice to either side of my mo (as I felt it was getting waxy enough, allowing me to shape my mo) but it seems to release its hold after a few minutes. You said to apply it about 4 times either side, so I will give this a go.

    I’m new to the whole moustache scene, so I’ve recently read that the wax should be used almost everyday in order to train the mo to spread a certain way, especially in the beginning. I’ll also be giving this a go from now on.

    Otherwise, anything stronger in the market?

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