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Ahoy Abroad: Oregon – a transplant’s perspective (Part 4)

October 8, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

11936511_10207954852255408_634209347792621170_oI have been on the east coast from Tybee Island, Georgia all the way down to Miami, Florida. I have been all over the Gulf coast and the Caribbean alike. Ocean person? Damn straight. But until recently I had never been to the west coast. In one day’s time I made sure that was no longer the case, traveling from Warrenton all the way down to Florence. Stopping our journey along the way in the little coastal towns to check things out.

Fort Stevens State Park has been home to the remains of the Peter Iredale since it ran aground in 1906. As we came up over the dunes the wreckage was clearly visible. Surrounded by people taking photos and children using it as a large barnacle encrusted play place. This made it very difficult to take a good photo, almost each snapshot had the dangling leg of a child or some dumb guy standing awkwardly like he was holding up the wreckage. When you take in the salt water, sand and climbing idiots it’s amazing that there is anything still left. The texture of the frame was almost stone-like in its deep shades of vermilion. Defiantly one of the coolest things I personally have seen in Oregon to date.

10446221_10207957008629316_4889004052653669431_oWe moved on down the 101 passing through various little towns until we stopped in Seaside. Circling block after block in slow moving traffic entwined with pedestrians. This town was your typical beach town, aside from the warm weather. The wide sandy beach stretching out as far as you could see in one direction and ending abruptly in large rock formations in the other. Little shops everywhere, including one with a mechanical shark that one could make a public ass of themselves by falling off of. The store also featured a DJ in footy pajamas spinning today’s top club hits…or whatever. I did find a soda shop that just so happen to sell Ale 8 so that was nice. Seaside is also where Lewis & Clark reached the sea at the turnaround, and a large statue stands there to commemorate the occasion.

Little towns whipped by out the passenger window as we carried on to Ecola State Park. A highlight for me being that it was featured in the Goonies film. That right there is enough to make it bad ass. A little strip of beach dotted with rocks sporadic at first then a large pile. Waves crashing loudly and repetitively into them and splashing up into the sky. A few surfers in wet suits (due to it being damningly cold water) waiting out the next wave. Behind you, nothing but tall trees reaching upward. I had to climb up on top of the rock and stare out at the water for some time. Not trying to be all deep and junk but the ocean has always affected me in a positive way.

1502217_10207957008829321_1509425836399055168_oAs cool as venturing out to the Oregon coast was I must make it known that I prefer a beach that is hot with a warm salty breeze where I can swim out and not freeze to death in minutes. I need palm trees and rum drinks to truly enjoy a beach. I am not sorry either, it’s just my idea of a beach. Still if you have the opportunity to hit up the Oregon coast line, you should do that – you may just enjoy it. Seeing it at the end of the Goonies doesn’t do it much justice.


Kyle “Captain” Isaacs is the author of the former recurring series, Captain’s Log, and now the author of Ahoy Abroad.  Keep up with his travels on Instagram, @captain_damnit.

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