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Ahoy Abroad: Oregon – a transplant’s perspective (Part 3)

October 1, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

DSC_0222When we found out that we would be living in Oregon for a little over three months people kept telling up to be sure we hit up Portland. Well yeah, that’s a given isn’t it? Portland is about two hours from us here in Springfield so of course it was going to be a destination for us. When the time came and I felt the call, we decided to venture to Portland for the weekend.

My first destination was a record store. Not a big chain like mega giant with no real selection. No, I’m talking a real deal independent smells like a basement record store. That’s exactly what I found at Second Street Records. From the moment I walked in my wallet began to shrink. Tee shirts hung all around the celling that the guy would knock down with a long pole for you. A killer selection of seven inch singles and the kind of sections I want to see: punk, hardcore, metal, and reggae. I spent about 45 minutes and $64.00 resisting a lot of purchases, but you can rest assured that if I’m in Portland again, I’m going to stop in at Second Street Records.

Now I did the whole damn Voodoo Doughnut thing in Eugene and yeah the one in Portland is the O.G. but I’m not standing in a line that long for a damn doughnut. It’s just that simple, especially while a crazy homeless man roughly serenades those waiting with what he can remember of Kottonmouth Kings songs. So we ducked in to Captain Ankeny’s Well. A small bar that serves pizza and no lines sounded perfect to me. A slice of Pepperoni and a Sailor and Coke later we were en route to the Chinese gardens, which I might add are a good deal and neat little side stop. I actually felt like I was in China at times but that could have been the rum…

Then we chose to venture into the Portland Saturday market. Vendors, food, street performers, and random crazy people. It was hard to stop and look at things due to all the rude ass people that seem to be unaware of existence outside of themselves, but it was actually kind of cool and I got to see two homeless guys duke it out. Well actually one got sucker punched and then shoved the guy.

Lastly for our Portland excursion we decided to go check out Multnomah Falls. Traffic backed up for miles and folks attempting to park and walk down the side of the narrow road lead us to believe this place was going to be hopping and damn straight, we were right! It sits right on the side of the roadway. The 620 feet falling water roaring amidst the mix of multinational voices all competing for attention. I gave all of my attention to trying to record the big s.o.b. Depending on who you ask, it’s known as the second tallest in the US. It was very cool. We walked up and stood on the bridge until the foot traffic forced us off to one side. I recommend that if you get to go see it, that you go on a weekday to avoid this mess.

Aside from visiting a smaller set of falls a few miles up the road we were spent. Beginning the ride back to Springfield with SD cards full of photos and video to work up. Something to send home via an email wish you were here, or that we were there, something to that accord. So far there has definitely been plenty to do here in Oregon.


Kyle “Captain” Isaacs is the author of the former recurring series, Captain’s Log, and now the author of Ahoy Abroad.  Keep up with his travels on Instagram, @captain_damnit.

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