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Product Review: Word. Notebooks

September 7, 2015 | By | Add a Comment
Word. Notebooks

Word Notebooks pocket notebook group shot

I simply love writing things down.  Sure, typing notes on your phone or on the computer is convenient and easy – but there’s just something about putting pen to paper that gives me a certain comfort, and a feeling of accomplishment.  Not to mention the joy that comes with crossing things off of a list once you’ve completed a task.  Unsurprisingly, when I discovered pocket notebooks, they quickly became a part of my everyday carry (EDC).  In my search to find the best pocket notebooks out there, I came across the company I focus on in this article – “Word.”  I was immediately impressed with the variety of cover designs offered by Word, and their reviews on Instagram were overwhelmingly positive.  A side-project between a team of online publishers based in New Jersey, Word was started “out of the desire to have the perfect notebook with us at all times.”

TitleBeard highly recommends Word notebooks, not only to general fans of pocket notebooks, but especially to those who are looking for an organization system that is subtle, yet effective.  With the wide range of cover designs, there is bound to be a Word notebook for every taste.

Word sent me two 3-packs of notebooks to review, which arrived via USPS in a sturdy cardboard envelope, wrapped in plastic.  Everything arrived without incident.

Before, we get into the meat of the review, take a few minutes and visit Word at the following locations:


Instagram: @wordnotebooks

Facebook: @wordnotebooks

Twitter: @wordnotebooks

If you don’t have time to read the full review, feel free to visit the Tales of the Tape below:

Black (3pk) Tale of the Tape

Indigo (3pk) Tale of the Tape

Since most EDC items don’t have the same features as the beard products we review here on TitleBeard, we’ve adapted our review criteria to give you the rundown on the information we think will best help you when debating whether or not to make a purchase.

Word Notebooks EDC

The Package

Some basic logistical information about the products:

  • Number of Pages – 48
  • Binding method – Staples
  • Cover – 120# 100% post-consumer recycled paper, acid free
  • Interior – 60#, acid free
  • Size – 3.5 x 5.5
In Between the Lines
Word Notebooks pocket notebook inside front cover

The inside front cover of a Word notebook.

Word offers a number of different cover designs and colors, and all but one of that size (The Adventure Log) come with lined-plus pages.  What is “lined-plus,” you ask? Besides being a term I just made up, it means that in addition to the standard lines, the pages are also printed with the “Word System.”  This system (pictured above) is a real highlight of the Word notebooks – simple, yet brilliant.

I am an avid list maker.  Ok, that’s not true… I’m a rabid list maker.  Before discovering pocket notebooks, I made lists everywhere – I wrote on random scraps of paper and post-its, my hands, then that naturally expanded to writing on my forearms.  Thankfully, with pocket notebooks, I’ve found a superior system for keeping track of all of my lists, and the Word System stands out because it makes list making and organizing exceptionally easy.  Look at the photo below to see the System in action with a list I recently penned.

Word Notebooks system and TitleBeard to do list.

The inside front cover of each notebook contains spaces for your name, an “If found, contact” line, a space for a few general notes, and places to record the date, and a “Use Guide,” showing how you can use the circles on the side of each line.  Word suggests coloring in the center circle for a Bullet Point, outlining the outer circle for an Important point, putting one slash through the whole circle for an In Progress designation, and an X through the whole circle for a Complete task.  Smple, yet brilliant.  You can come up with your own system to use the circles, or you can not use them at all.  The circles are unobtrusive, and you still have a sizable writing area whether or not you utilize them.

Outside of the System, the Word notebooks also impresses with the variety of cover styles offered.  I enjoyed both the Black and Indigo notebooks I was sent, and there are still over 15 other styles from which customers can choose.  In addition to the ones I received, I’m a big fan of the Blue Bandana print as well as the Black Mountain print, but there really isn’t one I don’t like.


At 3.5 x 5.5, the notebooks come in at the most common size for pocket notebooks.  As such, they are well-suited to fit in nearly any pocket without feeling bulky or too heavy.  I carried one of the Word notebooks every day for over two weeks and while the notebook developed a slight curve from being carried against my leg, neither the cover nor inside pages showed any significant wear, so you can be confident in carrying one of these every day.

Writing Test

I tested the Word books with four different writing utensils.  The Bolt from Karas Kustoms, an Ink Fountain Pen from Karas Kustoms, an Aluminum pen from Schon Dsgn, and a fine point red Sharpie marker.   The paper performed well in the writing test, and all of the inks are great for “front page only” writing, if that’s your thing, but I would recommend a gel pen, ballpoint pen, or pencil if you want to utilize the fronts and backs of the pages.

Word Notebooks test writing page front

The front of the Word. Notebooks test writing page.

Word Notebooks test writing page back

The back of the Word. Notebooks test writing page.


The Sharpie showed through the back of the page the most, and it did have a very mild bleed-through on the subsequent page, but it was a spot smaller than the center circle that you’d color in for a bullet point.  The fountain pen ink did show through the back of the page, but it did not bleed through to the subsequent page.  Keep this in mind when choosing your writing utensil.

Comparative Cost

A three pack of Word pocket notebooks sells for $9.99 (plus shipping), which is an average cost for a pocket notebook of this size.  However, Word also offers a great “BYOB deal” where you can get 10 pocket notebooks of your choice (from the 16 available options) for only $25.00 (plus shipping).  Mix and match as you please – or get ten of your favorite design.  Taking advantage of this option makes the Word books an even better buy for your money.  Additionally, Word Notebooks are available on, and the notebooks are available for free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members, or free shipping on orders over $35.00.

Be sure to connect with Word on their website and social media listed above, and check out all of the products they have to offer including pens, notebook covers, and their popular Writers Block.

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