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Ahoy Abroad: Starting out to Springfield, Oregon

September 10, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

In order for me and my wife to start the newest chapter of our lives we had to drive from Richmond, Kentucky to Springfield, Oregon, some two thousand four hundred and eleven miles. Now at this point I had never been west of San Antonio, Texas. In fact I flew there so I really didn’t see much. Our trip began July 28th at around 6:00 PM just after we finished the closing on our sold home. With a stomach full of steak, whipped potatoes and a drink they call The Epitaph we departed. My self of course in the passenger seat due to the beverage choice. The journey was underway.

Nature photo by Kyle "Captain" Isaacs for TitleBeard

Now there is not much I can say about driving through Indiana that wouldn’t piss off a lot of people, plus there was not a damn thing to look at. However at around 11:15 p.m. we had made it to St. Louis and I saw the arch for the first time. Back lit by the city in various colors. I saw it only briefly as we crossed a massive suspension bridge, merged to the right and into the old gritty part of town. It truly was the gateway to the west for me.

Nature photo by Kyle "Captain" Isaacs for TitleBeard

Our drive lasted for four days and took us through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and finally Oregon. In this time
the landscape literally changed around me. Vast never ending fields with giant wind turbines, hundreds of them, spinning in sync. Mountains that shot up alongside us, dry and earthy red. I had to constantly remind myself to watch the road. For miles and miles I witnessed things that were new to me. It reminded of one of my favorite quotes from John Muir, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” In my case a drive, but still very true.

Wind turbine photo by Kyle "Captain" Isaacs for TitleBeard

Countless times we had to stop on the side of the road to take pictures, losing a little time but who cares. I might never see that again. The last one hundred and fifty miles being the most jaw dropping views as we came around Mt.Washington and saw trees bigger than any my eyes had ever seen. If this is any indication of what our time of traveling will be like then I remain optimistic and in wanderlust, intently waiting to see what’s over the next ridge and around the corner in this truly amazing country.


Kyle “Captain” Isaacs is the author of the former recurring series, Captain’s Log, and now the author of Ahoy Abroad.  Keep up with his travels on Instagram, @captain_damnit.


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