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Everyday Considerations: Hanks

July 2, 2015 | By | 11 Comments

handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeardBack for round 2!  In this second installment of the new TitleBeard series, Everyday Considerations, we’re going to take a look at another item that everyone should include as part of their everyday carry (or EDC): a handkerchief.  The response from the various handkerchief makers was amazing, so we have seventeen different companies for you to take a look at, and multiple handkerchiefs from nearly all of them.

As a reminder – each article in the series will focus on a different category of items that people can carry as part of their EDC.  These are not product reviews per se (those will come separately), nor are they meant to be competitive between the companies to say one is better than another.  I simply want to inform you of some of the options available so that you could make your own decision. The articles in the series will take a look at these products and some of their interesting features, and are meant to be read in conjunction with the subsequent product reviews.  They will not cover every option available; rather, these are the companies that volunteered to be part of the series.

If you make an EDC item that you would like to see featured in an upcoming article, simply email

A handkerchief is arguably one of the most integral parts of an EDC as it runs the gamut of form to function, serving as everything from a visual medium in EDC pictures to post on your favorite social media, to something you can use on a daily basis; whether it be to blow your nose, wipe off your beard, clean up a mess your child made, or stop the flow of blood in an emergency situation.  Handkerchiefs have become quite the collectible commodity, with some makers’ handkerchiefs routinely selling out any time they post a new design.

With the wide variety of prints and patterns available, there are hanks out there to suit nearly everyone’s tastes, and even something as simple as a handkerchief can come with different options to customize them to meet the user’s needs.

As I said earlier, we have hanks from seventeen different companies to look over, and each of the companies are listed below in alphabetical order.  You can scroll down to look through all of the different sections, or feel free to click on a company’s name in the list below if you’d like to skip to that section.  Remember, this is just a primer on each of the companies meant to show you some of their available designs and talk about some specifics.  Each company’s hanks will be addressed in more detail in the subsequent product reviews that will follow in the coming months.

Let’s take a look at some hanks!

All of the handkerchiefs arrived via USPS from all over the United States, and all arrived to me in pristine condition.  The packaging methods varied, but anything exceptional will be noted with the individual company.  Some of the hanks are only available for purchase on social media, but some of the makers have websites as well, and all are noted below.  I have included a number of different photos across the various companies – detail shots, individual and group hank shots, and even some of my recent EDC pictures that I snapped on occasion.

Although some of the hanks did arrive fairly close to the publication date, I was able to carry all of them for at least a few days.  Any time I carry a handkerchief, I do what I call a tri/double fold.  I lay the hank flat, then do a longways tri-fold (like a brochure) and then fold it over width-wise, and stick it in my back pocket.  Obviously you’re welcome to carry a hank however you’d like, I’m simply letting you know how I did for testing purposes.

At the outset, let me say that I liked all of these hanks.  It is true – there is a lot of crossover between hank makers and if you’ve looked around at more than a few manufacturers, you’ll see some repeating patterns and so on.  There are only so many different fabric prints and patterns available – in spite of that, across seventeen different makers, I did not receive one double print, so there are plenty of options out there to suit anyone looking for a handkerchief.   Many of the hanks do have a similar thickness, so you’ll see that my comments on a lot of them are similar, but again, for more specifics on all of them, keep an eye out for the subsequent product reviews.

I made all of the photos below a smaller size intentionally to help keep the article loading time fast – feel free to click on any of the photos below to see the full size versions and take a look at all the details.

Blue Label Hanks

Blue Label Hanks photo by TitleBeard

Blue Label Hanks EDC photo by TitleBeardBlue Label Hanks photo by TitleBeard



Instagram: @Blue_Label_Hanks


Blue Label Hanks offers handkerchiefs sized at 11 x 11.  All of the hanks are 100% cotton and come prewashed.  They are priced at $12 each (with free shipping) and have a limit of three hanks per order, along with a standard one week wait time once an order is placed.  I received the two hanks pictured here – a Marvel print and a star print.  All of the Blue Label Hanks come with a blue label/tag and Blue Label offers a wide variety of prints and patterns – everything from superheroes to paisleys to cleavers.

The thickness of the hanks allows them to be carried as a hank or worn as a pocket square equally well, and when I carried either of them in my back pocket they were barely noticeable.  The backpanel on the star print hank is made of a textured cotton.  I wouldn’t describe it as rough by any means, but it’s not as smooth as the regular cotton.  However, this little bit of extra texture allows you to use a little less pressure while still getting a good removal of whatever it is you’re wiping away.  Check the hank descriptions on the Blue Label page to see which hanks have this as an option. Overall, I like these hanks because they’re well-made and have a good feel to them.

To see all of the hanks that Blue Label Hanks has to offer, and to make a purchase, visit his Instagram page and send him a direct message or email.  Also, be sure to check out his IG page for some excellent shots of his customers’ EDC that include his hanks.

Charm City Hanks

Charm City Hanks photo by TitleBeard


Charm City Hanks photo by TitleBeardCharm City Hanks photo by TitleBeard




Instagram: @Charm_City_Hanks

Etsy store: CharmCityHanks


Charm City Hanks is a veteran owned and operated business based in Baltimore.  One of the owners, Michael, is currently on active duty for the Maryland Air National Guard.   The hanks are sized at 10 x 10 and made from cotton.  They are priced at $10.00 each and shipping costs are comparatively low.  Their Etsy store notes that hanks are ready to ship within 3-5 days after confirmation of payment, and custom orders – including other sizes and embroidery – are available.  The two hanks I received featured a U.S. Air Force print and a Dalek (from Dr. Who) print that had the word “Exterminate” printed repeatedly in the background.

The thickness of the hanks allows them to be carried as a hank or worn as a pocket square equally well, and these too were barely noticeable in my pocket while I carried them.  Charm City currently has ten different prints available for sale in their Etsy store (including the two pictured here) that include a popular American flag print, a couple Walking Dead patterns, and a moustache print handkerchief (had to mention that one) to name a few.   Charm City just started in April 2015, but is already popular among buyers due to their quick integration into the EDC community, the quality of their work, and some of the popular limited edition hanks they’ve released (check their IG page to see their limited edition Nintendo controller print – that one brought back some memories).

To purchase, visit their Etsy store, DM on Instagram, or email them directly with questions.


Handkerchiefs by Chic photo by TitleBeard



Chic handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeardChic handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



Instagram: @Hankerchic

Chic offers cotton hanks sized at 10 x 10.  They are priced, shipped, at $12.00.  I received three hanks from Chic; a paisley one, a skull/rose/thorns print, and a wild moustache print version that I’m quite fond of (come on people, you see what my site is called, you shouldn’t be surprised).  These are just a few of the numerous prints that Chic has utilized during her time in the business, and it’s easy to see that she has leanings towards the businessman and sharp-dressed hank carriers who like to utilize them as pocket squares.  Visit her IG page and you’ll see numerous posts with the hashtag #sundaybest.

These hanks do function equally well as a hank or pocket square and scrolling through her feed, you’ll see that she has (or has had) patterns that could meet the taste of any consumer; both in the EDC world and in the professional world – though, for the record, those two worlds are not mutually exclusive by any means.  These are well-made hanks that do what they’re supposed to do and look good while doing it.

To purchase, DM her on Instagram.


CrankyHanky handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



Cranky Hanky EDC photo by TitleBeardCranky Hanky hanks photo by TitleBeard



Instagram: @CrankyHankyEDC

Coming to you out of Phoenix, Arizona, CrankyHanky offers cotton hanks sized at 11 x 11.  Cranky hanks range from $16-$18, shipped, and come in a wide variety of prints and patterns.  I received the two patriotic themed hanks pictured here, but Cranky also offers various sports teams prints and even some glow in the dark hanks.

The thickness of the hanks makes them fully functional as either a handkerchief or a pocket square, and they’re barely noticeable in my pocket while I carry them.  CrankyHanky is one of the most popular brands of hanks on the EDC scene, due in no small part to Car, the owner, who is a massive part of the EDC community.   Her own EDC assortment is an enviable one, and she routinely promotes other companies in the community, including other hank makers.  CrankyHankies are well-made; they have even stitching, and good-looking tags.  Once you get your hands on one, you’ll see why she has some repeat customers that order 8-10 hanks at a time.

To purchase, DM her on Instagram.

Dan Danah Co.

Dan-Danah handkerchief and dog collar bandana photo by TitleBeard



Dan Danah Co. EDC photo by TitleBeardDan Danah Co. handkerchief and dog bandana photo by TitleBeard



Instagram: @Dan_Danah_Maine

Making handkerchiefs and other products out of Portland, Maine, Dan Danah Co. makes a number of one-off (aka only one made) cotton hanks with flannel backpanels.  Sized at 12 x 12, Danah typically sells his hanks for $12, shipped.  I received the Outdoorsman themed hank pictured here along with a dog collar bandana that will be featured in the separate product review.  Danah mixes up his stitching patterns on the various hanks he makes and has utilized a number of different prints, many outdoors themed, in the hanks he has produced.

The flannel backpanel on the hank does make this a significantly thicker hank (likely too thick to be used as a pocket square), but in addition to being exceptionally soft, it adds a layer of functionality as the flannel can absorb and wipe away more liquid.   As a guy who sweats a lot, and has a kid who likes to make messes, I found this to be a great feature.  For the hank collectors out there, I’d say adding a Danah to your collection would be a must, since many of his offerings are one of a kind.

To purchase, DM him on Instagram or call dibs on one of his newly posted photos.

Double A Hanks

Double A Hanks photo by TitleBeard


Double A Hanks EDC photo by TitleBeardDouble A Handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard





Instagram: @Double_A_Hanks

Double A Hanks produces hanks primarily from pre-washed cotton, but will utilize other materials on occasion.  The founder, Andy Austin, started by making hanks to carry for himself.  The hanks, generally sized at 12 x 12, sell for $20 shipped.  I received the three hanks pictured above – I like all three, but the paisley one stood out to me the most.The paisley side has a slight texture to it and the design really popped for me.  Double A has a number of patterns available for purchase.

The thickness of the hanks makes them suitable for use as a hank or as a pocket square.  Austin mixes up his stitching patterns on the hanks, and one of the things that stood out to me the most was the border he puts on all of his hanks.  This requires no small amount of stitching and attention to detail, and not only adds another step in the process for the maker, but another feature for the user.  The border is slightly thicker than the hank, but not in an obtrusive way, and this added layer gives you something else to hold on to when using the hank or pulling it out of your pocket so it doesn’t slip out of your fingers.

To purchase, visit the Double A Hanks Facebook page.

Eden Ranch Accessories

Eden Ranch Accessories handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



Eden Ranch Accessories handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeardEden Ranch Accessories handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard




Instagram: @Eden_Ranch_Accessories


Coming to us from the lone star state, Eden Ranch Accessories produces handkerchiefs from prewashed/preshrunk fabric to prevent any kind of fabric sagging.    Some of the early edition Eden Ranch hanks, like the ones you see pictured here are sized at 11 x 11, but their newer hanks are sized at 12 x 12.  With the exception of their hanks with microfiber backpanels, all of their hanks sell for $15 each, which includes shipping.  Their microfiber-backed hanks sell for $20 each (shipping included).  They currently have five color choices available for the microfiber backing.  The handkerchiefs arrived folded and wrapped as you see in the picture above; a nice presentation.

The thickness of the hanks makes them useful as a handkerchief or as a pocket square.  While I’m sure the microfiber-backed hanks are slightly thicker, they do have the added layer of usefulness in the microfiber, which is great for cleaning anything from glasses to phone screens.  Eden Ranch also offers custom handkerchiefs; specifically, if you see any two prints on their page that you like, they can take those and make you a handkerchief (provided the prints are still available).  They also take custom requests for special prints and will accommodate the buyer as long as they can find the print.  The decorative stitching on their hanks is both intricate and attractive, and I was especially a fan of the paisley/jolly roger hank I received, as it offers a fun print on both sides that you can switch to display at your leisure.

To purchase, send them a DM or comment on their Facebook page.


EveryDayHanks handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



EveryDayHanks EDC photo by TitleBeardEveryDayHanks handkerchiefs in bags photo by TitleBeard




Instagram: @EveryDayHanks

Twitter:  @EveryDayHanks

EveryDayHanks is another relative newcomer to the handkerchief scene, but they’ve hit the ground running with some sharp designs, limited editions, and unique packaging.  EveryDayHanks offers cotton hanks sized 11 x 11, ranging in price from $8-$18.  I received the three hanks pictured here and am a fan of all three prints.  At time of publication, all of the EveryDayHanks designs are listed as being sold out, but a new run of hanks is scheduled to be coming soon.  Inside the mailing envelope, each hank was packaged in the small EDH branded paper bag pictured here.  Although that may seem like a simple presentation, it was one I had not seen before – it’s a neat idea and it looks great.

The thickness of the hanks makes them ideal for use as a handkerchief or pocket square, and the designs they offer span a wide range of styles.  The hanks are well-made – they look great and are perfectly functional as well.  I was recently relaying to Robb, the company founder, that while I’m not typically a fan of skull designs, the sugar skull print he sent me has moved up to be one of my favorites.  With the thoughtfulness that EveryDayHanks puts into their work and packaging, I would expect these to become a popular choice among EDC and hank enthusiasts.

To purchase, visit


Hanksmiths handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



Hanksmiths handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeardHanksmiths handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



Instagram: @Hanksmiths

Etsy store: Hanksmiths

Hanksmiths sells cotton hanks with a microfiber backing in a couple different sizes.  The regular size, readily available on their website is sized at 11 x 11  and sells for $25, shipped.  However, Hanksmiths also has plans to offer a “GankHank” (named after a friend who requested a larger size hank) sized at 13 x 13 for 35, shipped.  Hanksmiths has a fair amount of prints and patterns available, but what really makes their hanks stand out are the extra features.  The hanks come with a lanyard hole (pictured right), reinforced with extra stitching, that the user can thread with a piece of paracord or other material to make the hank even more easily accessible.  As one of the co-owners, Marty, said ” Guys put lanyards on their knives so why not their hanks? Plus, it’s another place folks can put beads from their growing collection.”

In addition to the lanyard hole, the hanks come standard with a velcro enclosure for smaller morale patches.  I thought this was an interesting addition seeing as how many patch collectors are also avid members of the EDC community.  Hanksmiths offers name embroidery on the hanks for an additional $10, or name-embroidered patches for $10 as well.  Interestingly enough, the hanks don’t have tags as most do.  But Marty stated that their hanks are easily identifiable through the features (I agree), and tags were an additional expense he didn’t want to pass on to their customers.  There is also talk of a kevlar hank with a microfiber backing that may be available soon.  I received the three hanks pictured above – the Route 66 print is in the “GankHank” size, and has a couple extra stitches about half an inch long on the hanks that can help prevent the hank from bunching up while in use.  I like all of the prints, but the skull/paisley/American flag print is my favorite of the three.

To purchase, visit their Etsy store or DM them on Instagram.

Kaleidoscope Quilt Co.

Kaleidoscope Quilt Co. handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard


Kaleidoscope Quilt Co. handkerchief photo by TitleBeardKaleidoscope Quilt Co. handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard





Etsy store: Kaleidoscope Quilt Co.

The brainchild of Karen E. Brooks, Kaleidoscope Quilt Co. produces some exceptionally original hanks. With an obvious nod to a quilt style of manufacturing, Kaleidoscope mixed various prints and stitching patterns to make some great handkerchiefs.  The various hanks are made from a combination of cotton, linen, and flannel and are sized at 11 x 11.  Prices range from $20-$45 (plus shipping).  This is a comparatively higher cost, but the amount of work that goes into making them is obvious.

I received the two hanks pictured here and have enjoyed them both.  The fishing/outdoors themed hank has a flannel backpanel and the patchwork hank has a “linen-like” cotton backpanel that has a little bit of added texture.  These are slightly thicker than what most pocket square wearers are probably used to, but could still pull double-duty as a pocket square based on the wearer’s preference.  In addition to the usual stitching around the edge, one of my favorite features was the additional stitching.  On the outdoors hank, the majority of the extra stitching was in sort of a random pattern around the handkerchief, but there was also a small fishing hook (pictured above) stitched in that I thought was a nice touch with the theme.  On the other hank, there was additional stitching in the pattern of two squares and a triangle.  I enjoyed this because this really kept the two panels of fabric from bunching up while in use.  All in all, enjoyable, unique hanks.

To purchase, visit the Kaleidoscope Etsy store.

Krazy Kristy Designs

Krazy Kristy Designs handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



Krazy Kristy Designs handkerchief packaging photo by TitleBeardKrazy Kristy Designs handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



Instagram: @KrazyKristyDesigns

Etsy Store: KrazyKristyDesigns

Another relative newcomer to the hanks crowd, Krazy Kristy is already cranking out some good work.  Her hanks are made from prewashed 100% cotton and sized at 11 x 11.  They range in price from $12-$15 (shipping included), and she also has a 3 for $30 deal going on with selected hanks.  She currently has fourteen designs available (including one limited edition) and all are made to order.  The handkerchiefs came packaged (inside the mailing envelope) wrapped in tissue paper that was then wrapped with a piece of fabric that matched the back of one of the hanks and tied with twine with a small thank you card – a very pleasant presentation.

I received the two hanks pictured here – the “Stars and Stripes” and “Cigar box/postmark” handkerchief.  I collect cigar boxes, and that was the first cigar box related hank I’ve seen, so that was a cool one to receive.  The edge stitching on these was a little bigger than some I’ve seen, but it looks good and frames the hanks nicely.  The thickness allows the hanks to function as either a handkerchief or pocket square, but it will be just a tad thicker than what most pocket square wearers are used to.  Virtually all of Krazy Kristy’s hanks have prominent designs on both panels, and I like that feature, as it allows you to switch back and forth to whichever side suits your mood at that moment.  I liked both of these hanks – solid designs and solid craftsmanship.

To purchase, visit the Krazy Kristy Designs Etsy store or DM her on Instagram.

R and D Handkerchiefs

R and D Handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard


R and D Handkerchiefs EDC photo by TitleBeardR and D Handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard




Instagram: @RandDHandkerchiefs

R and D Handkerchiefs were some of the first ones I received so I have been enjoying them for a couple months.  R and D hanks are sized 10 x 10 and sell for $10 apiece, shipped.  R and D has an extremely wide selection of patterns and prints and are very popular within the EDC community.  R and D mixes up their stitching techniques, but all are of a minimalistic style that complement the hanks very well.

I received the three hanks pictured above.  Their “Coast to Coast” (American flag) pattern is one that I have seen from a few different manufacturers, but I first spotted it with R and D.  I’m not making a claim that R and D was the first to use it – rather, they are the first place I spotted it as I started to get into handkerchiefs, and it remains one of my favorite prints to this day.  The thickness of the hanks allows them to function easily as either a handkerchief or a pocket square, and I barely noticed them when carrying in my back pocket.

Their books are currently closed until 7/6/2015, but when they’re back open, head over to their Instagram page to make a purchase and see some excellent customer-posted shots of their EDC and R and D collections.

Red Raven Hanks

Red Raven Hanks handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



Red Raven Hanks EDC photo by TitleBeardRed Raven Hanks photo by TitleBeard




Instagram: @RedRavenHanks


Red Raven Hanks, another veteran owned and operated company, comes to us via Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.  For those of you that are enjoying the article, you have the Red Raven Hanks owner, Tabatha Sturgill, to thank for it.  When she started making hanks, she asked me if I would like to review a few, and once I got my first two hanks from her, I was hooked.  Prior to getting those two hanks, I had what most people would probably call a ridiculous amount of pocket squares, but I never owned an actual handkerchief outside of a couple plain white ones.   Red Raven Hanks are sized at 12 x 12, and utilize cotton and flannel as materials.  They sell for $18-$20 plus shipping.

Red Raven utilizes a number of different decorative stitches on their hanks, all of which also have a stitch that runs the full diagonal link of the hank.  This is an excellent feature that prevents the hank from folding over when in use.  I’ve included photos of a few of the designs I have from Red Raven and some detail shots of the stitching as well.  Red Raven has a number of different prints and patterns available including some vintage paisley prints that are some of my favorites.  Some of the flannel backed hanks are a little thicker than what most people would be used to with a pocket square, but all of them function exceptionally well as a handkerchief, their intended purpose.  The thicker profile did make them more noticeable when I carried them in my back pocket, but it was never uncomfortable or inconvenient by any means.

To purchase, visit the Red Raven Hanks Big Cartel store.

S&M Fabricworks

S&M Fabricworks handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



S&M Fabricworks hanks photo by TitleBeardS&M Fabricworks hanks photo by TitleBeard



Facebook page:

S&M Fabricworks is another relative newcomer to the hanks game, but is already churning out some quality hanks, some of which feature intricate embroidery.  The hanks are primarily 100% cotton, but some integrate flannel, and are sized at 12 x 12.  Prices range from $13-$25, the higher price covering some of their limited editions, like a recent Star Wars hank, of which only five were made and all sold quickly.  Their designs cover a wide range – from The Walking Dead prints to nautical themes, to Asian-inspired art.

I received the two hanks pictured here – I’m certainly a fan of The Walking Dead print, but the other, what company owner Scott calls “Snake in the Garden”, is an awesome looking hank.  Due to the 12 x 12 size, the total amount of fabric combined with the thickness might be a little bit thicker than what most pocket square wearers are used to, but I think they’d still function just fine as a pocket square, and they obviously work great as hanks.

To purchase, visit the S&M Fabricworks Facebook page.


Thankerchiefs handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard


Thankerchiefs handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeardThankerchiefs handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard




Instagram: @Thankerchiefs

I came across the Thankerchiefs Instagram page in the final stages of preparing for the series, but I’m happy I was able to include them in the series.  Thankerchiefs is the newest company to be featured in the article – they just made their first hank two weeks ago!  They have an interesting philosophy –  “Thankerchiefs are aimed at spreading good vibes one pocket at a time” and once you check out their Instagram page, you’ll see that #payitforward appears regularly, and even in their infancy, Thankerchiefs is known to send an extra hank for the recipient to give to someone else.

The hanks are made from cotton and are sized at 11 x 11.  They are also embroidered with individual numbers that show you which hank you got – as you can see from the pictures, the hanks I received were numbers six and seven.  This is a great idea for the hank collectors out there because you can know exactly where your hank came in the process as you follow along with the growth of the company.  Most of the hanks sell for $14, shipped

To purchase, DM Thankerchiefs on Instagram.

The Paracord Patriot

The Paracord Patriot handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard



The Paracord Patriot handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeardThe Paracord Patriot handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard




The final veteran owned company to be featured in this series article, The Paracord Patriot initially made a name for himself producing an impressive array of products made with paracord, such as dog collars, gun slings, and bracelets, to name a few.  With his recent expansion into hank making, owner Jr Madan takes another step into the EDC world.  The hanks are made from cotton and are sized at 13 x 13.  They are priced at $17 with regular shipping and $20 with priority shipping.

Due to the overall size, this would make for a pocket square noticeably larger than what people are used to, but they certainly make excellent handkerchiefs.  If you’re looking for a wide variety of original patriotic themed hanks, The Paracord Patriot is the place to go.  The two hanks pictured here are just a couple of the patriotic hanks that he has produced, and due to the contrasting designs on the backpanels, these are another set of hanks that could easily be reversed to display the opposite side and still look great.  He does mix up his stitching, and if I didn’t know that he had only recently started making hanks, I would’ve thought he had been doing it for a longer time.

To purchase, visit The Paracord Patriot Facebook page.

Tom’s Hanks

Handkerchiefs by Tom's Hanks photo by TitleBeard



Tom's Hanks EDC photo by TitleBeardTom's Hanks handkerchiefs photo by TitleBeard




Instagram: @Toms_Hanks

Tom’s Hanks is another established member of the EDC community, pumping out quality handkerchiefs for its customers.  The handkerchiefs are made from cotton and sized at 11 x 11.  Prices range from $10-$18 (plus shipping).  Tom’s currently offers 18 different prints on his website (and sells a couple different bars of soap as well).  The hanks come embroidered with a “TH” in the corner as shown in the pictures, but custom monogramming is available.

I received the two hanks pictured here – the Deconstruct (skulls) and Asphalt.  The Deconstruct is another one I wouldn’t have initially thought I would like, because of the skulls, but I’m a fan.  The thickness of the hanks allow them to be used as a handkerchief or worn as a pocket square, with ease.  These hanks were also among the first few I received, and it’s been a pleasure carrying them over the last couple months.  They’re certainly well-made hanks, and the embroidery is a nice touch – even though the tags on most hanks rarely cause an issue, it’s also nice to have hanks that have a clean edge all the way around.

To purchase, visit


If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!  I had to chuckle as I wrote that – but really, thank you for following along and checking out all of the hanks from these generous craftsmen and women.  Be sure to connect with all of them on the social networks listed above, and I hope you have all seen some hanks you liked and plan to order.  Be sure to pay close attention to their various social media pages.  A number of these makers not only contribute to, and support charitable causes, but also participate in regular giveaways, so you may be able to get a shot at some hanks for free.

Be sure to check back in August for the third entry in the Everyday Considerations series, on pens.  If you missed the first entry in the series, on wallets, feel free to check it out via the link below.


Everyday Considerations

Everyday Considerations: Wallets





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  1. DW says:

    Thanks for putting this together. Your descriptions and background on the makers are invaluable for the handkerchief collector. I’ve contacted a few on Etsy and they are very flexible with respect to size and choosing your own background from available current and past handkerchiefs. I have a couple special order 14X14 being made right now!

    • Title Beard says:

      DW – thanks for reading and for your comment! I’m glad you found the article informative. Stay tuned – there will be an EDC: Hanks Part 2 coming within the next few months featuring five new makers.


      • DW says:

        Suggestions for part 2:

        MinhEDCshop, Etsy

        Godspeed Tactical, website

        hanksbyhank, website

        Huckleberry Woodchuck, website

        • Title Beard says:

          Hey DW,

          Thanks for the suggestions. We just finalized the participants for Part 2 the other day based on some companies who contacted us. The 5 featured in part 2 will be:

          1) Godspeed Tactical
          2) Handkerchief USA
          3) Gentleman’s Carry
          4) Heritage Hanks
          5) Rocket Squares

          Thanks for the suggestions – I’d love to add some HBWC to my collection down the line.


          • DW says:

            Nice list. Looking forward to your review!

          • DW says:

            Gentleman’s Carry is GTG. They made me a custom 14X14 Stars Hank, and it’s very well built; no bubbling, no separation. Right up there with the big boys in build quality. Great comms, fast shipping – even when making a special order.

    • DW says:

      Well I’ve got a few being made; Charm City Hanks is making me a 14X14 Doctor Who Dalek Hank, Thankerchiefs is making a 14X14 Plaid & blue for me, have 2 from Kaleidoscope Quilt Co. – 1 being made and 1 being shipped, Krazy Kristy Designs is making me a special order, and I got a Mandalorian Star Wars hank from S&M Fabricworks coming. Oh and I found a site selling Blue Label Hanks (Blunt Force Tools).

      • Title Beard says:

        That’s a heck of an assortment, and they sound great! How do you like the 14 x 14 size? Ever have any issues with carrying ones that large in terms of it bunching up in your pocket?

        • DW says:

          I use them to cover the back of my neck while cycling – so they go under my cap and helmet. So 14X14 is perfect, and 11X11 is the smallest for my uses. That’s why I like at least one side with a dark color, for UV / sunburn protection – though I read bright colors are also good, better than the light colors. And for cotton, the article What is Sun-Safe Clothing? says: “5. Wash new garments made from cotton or cotton blends two or three times at least. This can often permanently raise the UPF rating due to shrinkage of the spaces between the fibers.”

  2. Alec says:

    This was a helpful article. Thank you for including so many pictures and comments from veteran and other US makers.

    Do you have a particular size of handkerchief that you prefer? I’m new to carrying, though I’ve just put in an order for one from Etsy. It will be nice to have something a little classier than a handful of paper napkins stuffed into the front packet of my bag.

    Here’s a tip that someone recommended on an EDC forum to soften up new and stiff handkerchiefs. Boil them for 20 minutes on the stove. Let them cool, and then wash normally.

    Best to you,

    • Title Beard says:

      Hey Alec – thanks for your comments and question. I prefer the 12 x 12 size like Red Raven offers. It’s a good sized hank, not too large and not too small, and works well with a number of different folds.

      12 x 12 gives you a lot of surface area to work with but isn’t so big that it feels like you just have a huge wad of fabric in your pocket.

      Thanks for the tip on softening too, I’ll have to try that out!


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