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Why I decided to put on Battle for the Belt 2015

March 22, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

IMG_8816In case you’ve missed it, or perhaps have never been to before (in which case, welcome!), April 11, 2015 will mark the inaugural TitleBeard facial hair competition, Battle for the Belt 2015.  I have been to a few facial hair competitions and enjoyed them all, but after I attended a few I really wanted to host my own.  Since we’re only a couple weeks out from the competition, I thought I’d let you in on some of the reasons why.

I like beard competitions

This one seems pretty obvious, but it is what it is.  I like beard competitions.  I like seeing my friends and making new ones, checking out everybody’s facial hair, and seeing the works of art that the freestyle competitors and whiskerinas come up with.

I like the idea behind (most) beard competitions

Nearly every beard competition benefits one or more charities.  I said I like the idea behind “most” beard competitions, because not all competitions benefit charitable causes.  With Battle for the Belt, all of the money raised will be divided equally between two Kentucky charities, Hope’s Wings, which is an organization in Richmond, Kentucky that offers services and aid to victims of domestic violence, and Saving Sunny, Inc., an animal rescue out of Louisville, Kentucky.  I’ve been fortunate enough over the years to work with a few charitable foundations, even serving on the Board of Directors for one a few years ago, and there are tons of charities out there that need the financial support.  I’m just happy I can do a little bit to get a few more dollars to a couple of the many deserving ones in Kentucky.

I like seeing a higher number of categories for competitors

This is a personal preference partially due to my own competitive history, but I like seeing a larger number of categories in which competitors can test their facial hair.  After seeing some of the categories included in larger competitions, and of course the bi-annual World Beard and Moustache Championships I knew that I wanted to compete in Full Beard Natural/Styled Moustache.  Why?  Because I like the look of my beard in its natural state, but I also love styling my moustache.  Unfortunately, until very recently, finding that category at a competition in my area was a rarity.

I also like seeing more separation of lengths in the full beard natural categories because I think it levels the playing field.  It’s not fair to have a guy with an eight inch beard that may be awesome in its own right up against an eighteen inch beard.  Sure, more categories may mean less competitors in certain categories, but I wanted to provide competitors at my competition an opportunity to get into a category they wanted to be in and not one they felt they were forced into due to lack of options.

Awesome sponsors

Because I’ve reviewed products for a number of different companies, I’ve had the opportunity to sample a ton of products out there, and there are, quite simply, some awesome products on the market.  Before Battle for the Belt, you may have heard of all the products that will be featured at my beard competition, you may have only heard of a few – but by the time you’ll leave, you’ll have heard of all of them.  We have a ton of awesome sponsors and I’m excited that competitors and attendees may learn about companies they’ve never heard of and get a chance to try some new products, win some in the competition, or bid on some in the silent auction.

I want more people to have more beard products

This is a big part of the reasoning behind why, in addition to an award like a trophy or a medal, the top three competitors in each category will also get a prize pack made up of assorted goods from some or all of our Prize Pack Sponsors.  Using the right cleaning, conditioning, and styling products will keep your facial hair in great shape, and thanks to the generosity of the awesome sponsors, the top three competitors in each category will all walk away with some great products.   That includes the women, thanks to the generosity of two of our Event Sponsors; Honest Amish, and The Mod Cabin, both of which also make products for women.

Kentucky’s beard community

Kentucky’s beard community, or “Beardtucky” as it’s often called, is made up of a number of great clubs and unaffiliated individuals like myself.  While the “beard scene” may not be as big in Kentucky as it is in some states, the Bluegrass State represents when it comes to beard competitions.  We have national, and world, champions; and more importantly, we put our beards to good use when it comes to raising money for all sorts of charities, and have fun doing it.

So that’s it, folks.  I love doing things here on TitleBeard, and I wanted to put that to work for some Kentucky charities and my facial haired friends.  For all the details on the event, be sure to visit the Battle for the Belt page here on TitleBeard.

See you all April 11th!


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