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Captain’s Log: My first competition

January 29, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

capsloglogofixI can vividly remember it like it was yesterday. Beard & Loathing had been around but we had never been to any beard competitions. One of our members pointed out that a team had started in Lexington and were having a beard competition. We were overly excited about the idea of taking our crew up to Lexington and bringing back a major win. We knew not what lie ahead and blindly readied ourselves for our first attempt at competitive bearding.

Two of the Beardettes and myself arrived at the venue, Cosmic Charlie’s, but we were too early to get inside. I am known for being too early for stuff frequently. We stood outside of the main doors watching in awe as beard after beard after bigger beard pulled into the lot. My stomach tightened as I knew I was bested out of the gate. This was during my short beard/work beard period. We observed a limousine turning into the lot and the members of the Bellefontaine Body Bearders stepped out, a gaggle of awesome beards.

Finally we could go inside the bar and register for our categories. I noticed the short beard category and let out a huge sigh of relief knowing I wasn’t going to be up against all those beautiful long beards I had seen previously. Signed in and determined to make our name known I ordered a beer and took to mingling. First with the Body Bearders, next with the host team known as the Nomadic Beardsman of the Bluegrass. Some of the teams had just heard of us and others welcomed us in like old friends.

Myself and a few others on my team walked across the stage that night. We didn’t know what to say or have any stage antics. We saw huge free style creations and crazy curly staches. We waited as they read off the names and numbers of the top finishers and were broken hearted to not place in a single category. We shook hands and congratulated those who had bested us, tucked our tails and went back to Richmond.

Despite not placing, I didn’t walk away empty handed that night. I took everything I had seen and heard and I set to better bearding. I began to grow with new passion and cultivate my team with the desire to show up at the next competition we could find and own the night. We made good contacts and friends that we still roll with today. It is truly a family that I feel lucky to be a part of. My team has taken some big wins at some big competitions, and the Kentucky Beardettes are now a force to be reckoned with, but none of this would be true if we wouldn’t have gone to that first competition and learned how to beard on the big stage.


Kyle “Captain” Isaacs is the head of Beard & Loathing in Kentucky. Find him on Instagram @beard_captain.

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