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Captain’s Log: Classy hat talk

January 15, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

capsloglogofixIn and around the bearding world you see a lot of classic things. Old-school nostalgic types of clothing and accessories to make one look oh so dapper. One of the accessories you see might even be a cool hat. Now I’m not talking about a ball cap even though I wear the hell out of those. No, I’m talking about the classic dress hats of yester year. But what do we know about these tasteful toppers? Let’s see…

Two of the most common hats you see today are the fedora and the flat cap. You see all kinds of hipster cats in these hats in any setting and ensemble. The fedora is versatile even when in jeans and a t-shirt. Fedoras are great for a rounder face style because of its high and tapered crown. And since most gangsters wore them and old Indiana Jones you can say it’s a pretty tough look, and a classic too.

The flat cap has way too many names in our culture. Such as duffer cap, golf cap, or my favorite, a cheese cutter. But basically it’s the hat that that ole Andy Capp wears on the hot fries bag. I for one can’t pull this cap off at all. The hat looks best with the longer face shapes. Maybe that’s why it looks like hammered shit on me.

The Bowler hat or derby is also a popular style of men’s cap. Its goes great with the long chops or crazy cool mustaches. Contrary to popular belief the Bowler was the most widely popular hat in the old west as well. This style of hat is another one suited best for the more rounded face types.

Top hats are great, hell, President Lincoln wore one. They give off a supper classy vibe to me. Not to mention that almost anyone can pull of a top hat, especially when they have a sweet beard or stache. There are a few different styles of top hat but you get the idea.

The Boater is not as common however I have seen it at a beard competition a time or two. This type of hat is usually made of stiff straw and sports a ribbon around the crown. This hat style has been used by schools as part of their uniforms and by most barber shop quartets.

Now these are just a few types of hats that one might use to put together a look for a competition or a night on the town. I always suggest further research before purchasing a hat. Make sure it suits your face type and is the right color for your complexion and hair tone. If I was asked to recommend a good hat store for the money it would have to be Goorin Brothers. If you can’t find the right hat for you there then you must not be a hat person.


Kyle “Captain” Isaacs is the head of Beard & Loathing in Kentucky. Find him on Instagram @beard_captain.

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