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TitleBeard 2014 Christmas gift guide

December 1, 2014 | By | Add a Comment

With Thanksgiving only a few days behind us, the holiday season is in full swing.  Although you may have done some or all of your holiday shopping on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday,  I can definitely relate to those of you who may just be starting.

Since starting I have come across a number of great products, and not just beard care products.  In my continuing effort to help out my fellow beardsmen (and supporters and friends of beardsmen), I humbly offer you my suggestions for your holiday shopping.  Below you will find products from a number of different companies, beard products and non-beard products, on all ends of the price spectrum.

I have mentioned any ongoing discounts below, but be sure to visit each of the individual websites to find out if they are offering any other specials, and/or to confirm pricing.  Any of these items would make excellent gifts for beardsmen, but there are also a number of items that are well-suited for the non-bearded as well.


Honest Amish.  Makers of a number of quality beard care products as well as soaps, salves, and lip balms, Honest Amish recently released their Fully Stocked Beard Care Kit and Ready to Stock Beard Care Kit.  Honest Amish offers a full line of products to clean, condition, and style your facial hair, often with both scented and unscented versions of products.  Visit to see their full line of products, and use the code TitleBeard15 to get 15% off your purchase of $10 or more.   If purchasing one of the Fully Stocked Beard Care Kits isn’t in your budget, I’d highly recommend getting some Slick Beard Soap, Original Beard Balm, and Slick Beard Wax.



F3 Holsters.  F3 makes kydex holsters for a wide variety of firearms.  The holster pictured here is the Foxtrot IWB Appendix Holster with my Glock 23.  F3 also makes a number of magazine carriers.  The high-quality craftsmanship is evident in all their products; there is a wide variety of colors, and both inside the waistband (IWB) and outside the waistband (OWB) options are available.  This has become my go to everyday carry holster.  Visit to see the full line of what F3 has to offer.


Mod Cabin

The Mod Cabin.  A long-time supporter of TitleBeard, The Mod Cabin offers a wide variety of products for men and women, and their men’s line includes products for beard care or shaving.  The items pictured here are what I call the TitleBeard 3; Birch Tar Soap, Gunbarrel Beard Oil, and Backwoods Beard Balm.  In addition to being my three favorite products that The Mod Cabin offers, anyone can get 15% off any or all of these three by using the code TitleBeard.   The Birch Tar Soap is one of my favorite beard soaps across the board, and these three items would make a great “starter pack” for anyone new to beard care products.   Visit to see the full inventory that The Mod Cabin has to offer, and if you’re not familiar with the Backwoods Beard Balm, have a look at Backwoods Beard Balm from The Mod Cabin.



Saddleback Leather.  Saddleback has an enormous range of fine leather goods (treat yo’ self) across the entire price spectrum.  Looking for something more budget friendly?  Check out their wallets (pictured above).  Looking for a gift that will blow the receipient’s mind?  Check out their leather briefcases, available in a wide variety of colors.  Beautiful craftsmanship that will last a lifetime and quickly become a family heirloom.  Visit to see their full range of products.


CYHB Giveaway

CanYouHandlebar.   I have been a fan of CanYouHandlebar since before I started TitleBeard.  CanYouHandlebar offers some of the highest quality facial care products on the market and number of their products are part of my daily and competition repertoires.  Wisdom Beard Oil and Dry Oil has a woodsy scent, and Initiative Beard Oil and Dry Oil has a more citrus scent with dominant notes of lemon.  In addition to offering innovative products, CanYouHandlebar has also expanded to offer innovative packaing including their EDC: Every Day Care kits, and the Original Beard Oil Flask.  Visit to see the full line of what they have to offer and build your own beard care kit!



Doane Paper.  I like to write.  Surprising, I know.   In addition to the various posts I author, I’m a constant list maker and note taker.  Every once in a while, I even (poorly) sketch out plans for a woodworking project.  For a long time, I looked for a company that made a variety of notebooks to meet my writing needs.  I wanted a variety of presentations and sizes, something sturdy and cost effective.  Doane Paper easily fills all those criteria.  Their simple grid + lines design is slick and efficient, and a true pleasure to write or sketch on.  Pictured above (from Left to Right) are the Idea Journal Large, Writing Pad Large, and Utility Notebook Large.  To view their full product line, visit



Cornwall Soap Co.  Cornwall beard oil was one of my early product reviews and remains one of my favorites, offering your beard some great conditioning properties.  Their moustache wax offers some good hold and has my favorite scent of any moustache wax I have yet to try.  They are also offering some Cornwall branded apparel, including the t-shirt pictured here.  The top left photo is the logo on the front left side of the shirt, and the bottom right photo is the large logo on the back of the shirt.  Visit for more information.



Sink or Swim Studio.  Looking for a piece of original artwork or some cool jewelry?  Check out Sink or Swim Studio, run by my friends Ryan and Bridget Case.  You may remember Ryan as the artist behind the custom drawing in the Blood, Sweat, and Shears article.  He’s my favorite artist, period.   Sink or Swim offers a number of options to fit any budget.  Can’t afford a custom piece?  No problem, check out one of their many prints (like the one shown above) available in various sizes and paper options.  Visit their Etsy shop to see all of the original pieces they have available.



Craft Culture Co.  Craft Culture makes a number of different products to take care of your facial hair, along with some excellent handmade pocket squares.  All of their facial hair care products are available in a variety of scents including Cedar Fern (a fresh, woodsy scent) and Sultan’s Spice (a spicy lime scent).  Their beard wash was the first of its kind that I sampled and is an excellent beard wash, and their beard oil offers great, all-day conditioning properties.  Additionally, Craft Culture has some of the most attractive packaging that I’ve seen, making their products ideal for a gift setting.  Visit to have a look at their full inventory.


One Eyed Cat Giveaway

One Eyed Cat Curiosities and Crafts.  Founded and run by Jason Kiley (a holder of multiple facial hair titles), One Eyed Cat offers a number of mugs and tumblers with (and without) moustache guards.   I’ve had one of Kiley’s tumblers with a moustache guard for over a year now and I use it everyday.  His unique designs and the quality construction of his hand-thrown tumblers and mugs make these a must-have for any wearer of facial hair.  Visit his Etsy store to see his current offerings.


Dr. Squatch Giveaway

Dr. Squatch.  Makers of the widest scent range of soaps that I’ve seen thus far, Dr. Squatch soaps work great on both beard and body.  Their natural ingredients make them suitable for use on men, women and children, and they offer styling gift packs; four soaps packaged in a wooden cigar box.  I highly recommend the four soaps pictured here: Spearmint Basil Scrub, Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt, Pine Tar, and Cool Fresh Aloe.  Visit to see all of the scents and options they have to offer, and take a few minutes and read an article I was asked to author for them – Seven factors that make a winning beard soap.


McClaren Comb

McClaren Woodshop.  McClaren manufactures wooden beard combs out of old skateboard decks.  Available in various sizes, and with custom options available,  McClaren combs are perfect for beards of any length but work especially well on longer beards.  Visit to see all of the available options and have a look at a number of custom combs that McClaren has made.



Roughneck Beard Company.  Roughneck makes a number of quality products to care for your beard.  Their Beard Batter is one of my favorite products that I’ve run across recently, their beard soap is a solid beard soap, and their beard oil offers all-day conditioning properties.  Roughneck products are an excellent buy for your money given the quality and amount of product you receive compared to the cost.  Visit for more information.



Mustache Bottle Opener.  A handy gift for those with facial hair, or simply facial hair enthusiasts, the Mustache Bottle Opener is a high quality bottle opener made of heavy duty stainless steel with laser etching.  The version pictured here is the keyring version, heavy enough to allow you to easily open your bottled beverage of choice, but light enough to not weigh down your pockets.  I carry mine everyday and have since the day I got it in the mail.  Visit to see the different options available and purchase your own.


1740beard balm

1740 Beard Balm.  1740 offers quality beard balms and beard oils in a variety of scents, and their Death Wish Coffee Infused Pom-Balm (a lighter-weight beard balm) is a TitleBeard favorite.  1740 beard balms are a great buy for your money, and good for beards of any length.   Visit to view all of their product offerings.


Photograph from Art of Manliness

Photograph from


Ben Franklin’s Virtues: 13 Week Journal from Art of Manliness.  Art of Manliness, the premiere men’s lifestyle website, is now offering a journal based on Ben Franklin’s model for self-improvement on improving one’s virtues.  This functional journal is available in an attractive leather holder, but the journal inserts are also available for sale on their own.  Each of the 13 sections contains space for journaling and an agenda for tracking your pursuits of self-improvement.  To learn more about these journals, visit

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