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Top 10 things I’ve learned while growing my beard

November 30, 2014 | By | 10 Comments


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As No Shave November / Movember comes to an end, I am sure that some of you are debating whether or not to keep your newfound facial hair.  At the outset I’ll say that if you like it, go for it.  Facial hair is awesome.  If you’ve decided it’s not your cup of tea, no problem, shave.  I’m not now, nor will I ever be a beard extremist, I’m simply a beard enthusiast.

However, even if you’ve only been growing for a month, I’m sure there are things that you’ve learned along the way, and if you’re considering continuing growing, or maintaining, I’d like to share with you some things that I have learned in my 2+ years of beard growth.  This list could go on for days so I’m going to limit it to, in no particular order, the Top 10 things I’ve learned while growing my beard.

  1. Beards can itch.  It happens, deal with it.  It typically stops within the first few months, and there are steps you can taken to ease it, namely using quality beard products and making sure that you’re well-hydrated.
  2. Let it grow.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – I trimmed my moustache weekly for the first six months and now, really wish I hadn’t.  You won’t know what kind of facial hair you can truly grow until you let it grow for a few months, so let it grow for a while and then trim if you feel that’s necessary.  But always remember – while it will grow back, that takes time, so trim cautiously.
  3. Beard competitions are awesome.   You can meet like-minded individuals, see some cool facial hair, get your hands on some beard products through the raffles and/or silent auctions, and support some worthy charities.  Even if you don’t want to compete, go and enjoy the fun.
  4. The Duck Dynasty references won’t stop.  I still hear them.  Don’t sweat it.  Sure, some people are doing it to poke fun at you, but many are doing it because they just haven’t seen a big beard in person and that’s their point of reference.  Take it as a compliment, even when they don’t mean it that way.
  5. Beard products work.   There are plenty of them out there, and while I do what I can to help you wade through the sea of facial hair goods, there are new companies and new products popping up all the time.  Which leads me to my next point….
  6. Mod CabinGrowing a beard is a very individual thing.  You are truly doing it on your own, and while your beard may look exactly like your best friend’s, it may not respond to products the same way.  Products that work for him may not work for you and vice versa.  By that same token, products that work for me may not work for you, so while I do rate products on their effectiveness, you have to remember that this effectiveness is judged in a vacuum, specifically the vacuum of my facial hair.  If something didn’t work great for me but you think you’d like it, give it a shot.
  7. Beard clubs are great for some people, not great for others.  I’ve never joined a beard club.  I’ve been asked, and I’m friends with a ton of people in beard clubs and I have helped out with club-related activities, including getting sponsors for some local competitions, and judging, I just don’t have a burning desire to join a beard club.  If you do, awesome, look around to see what’s available in your area.
  8. I really enjoy styling my moustache.  When I compete, I always look for a Full Beard Natural / Styled Moustache category.  It’s my favorite.
  9. Recognizing “beard milestones” is fun.  I had people commenting on the length of my beard from fairly early on, because not many people in my area have a big beard.  But I remember the first time I really thought I had a longer beard was when I felt my beard blowing in the wind.  Silly?  Sure.  But it was a cool realization.  I was also happy when I hit my “yeard” and two-year beard anniversary.  But remember, not all of these realizations are as fun.  I distinctly remember the first time I went to take a bite of a chicken wing and also got a giant bite of my moustache.  Some of these realizations certainly continue the longer your facial hair gets, but it’s a good problem to have.  You’ll find that you may have to change the way you do some things, but it’s worth it.
  10. I really enjoy my beard.  That may seem like an obvious comment, but what many of you may not know is that I planned a serious trim when I hit the “yeard” mark.  Long story short, it didn’t happen.  Then I thought to myself “I’ll do a more serious trim when I hit two years.”  That didn’t happen either.  I did do a substantial trim around the two years and four months mark, and while I was nervous going into it, I was really happy with how it turned out.  Long story short, I’ve had a lot of fun on this facial hair journey, and I don’t have any plans on stopping.  The longer I grow my beard, the more I like it.

Whatever your own plans may be, make the most of your journey.  As trivial a thing as it may seem to some, serious facial hair growth can teach you a lot.  These are a just a few of things I’ve learned, and I encourage you to pay attention to the things you learn along the way.

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  1. Jordan says:

    I have learned to appreciate my beard! Every day I have to stuff my manliness into a beard net for work, consider yourself lucky if you’re not subjected to this type of cruelty. After awhile you get used to it, but after a 10hr shift, Freedom is taking that dang beard net off! Oh, and I’ve also learned the true meaning of flavor savor. Thanks for the work you do on the site, keep it up!

  2. Blaine Boone says:

    I would say the biggest thing I’ve learned with my beard is patience and beard care are a virtue my beard is past the year mark and has hit and extremely bad stopping point but I give her all the love and products I can and hope it will grow as big as yours bro preciate the website, don’t kno were my beard would be without it

  3. Dennis says:

    I was surprised to learn how much I had to face my own insecurities when the comments start coming in. For some reason, people feel quite free to comment on any changes to a person’s beard. In particular, I’ve received more negative feedback than on any of my other hairstyle or clothing choices (some of which make me groan a bit in retrospect). It forced me to dig deep and learn to rise above the criticism. I know it’s trivial in a way, but it has been a good opportunity to learn to let others’ comments roll off me instead of taking them all in.

    Thanks for the contests, the insights, and the website.

  4. Seth says:

    I have learned that a beard is a great conversation starter. Random people will ask about it, and who knows where the conversation goes from there. And like Jadon above, my wife loves the beard but hates the ‘stache. Therefore, Abe Lincoln style it is!

  5. Anthony says:

    My beard has become the most powerful weapon in the aresnal against my picky eater son, he really wants a beard and somewhere along the line the seed was planted that fruits and vegetables just might be his key to a more rugged look, the way he sees it he’s a short time away from being the biggest badass in his kindergarten class. So what have I learned from my beard over the last 8 months? It makes me happier, makes me have a chin, makes peanut butter and honey for breakfast a treat I can savour all day and most of all make lying to my five year old way easier!

  6. Nate Baustad says:

    Every time I cut my beard short I remember that I have a mole on my jaw line. Never think about it or see it otherwise!

  7. Jadon Ross says:

    I learned that my wife hates the mustache but loves the beard.

  8. Brian Hall says:

    After 6 years of growth I had the not so brilliant idea to shave. Bad idea, not a big fan of my face without hair! Lol Needless to say, I’ve grown it back. I’m at about a year and a half since my last trim and have started getting into beard products. Thanks for this website, it’s been very informative.

  9. Sean Logie says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my beard, it’s that toothpaste in a mustache is a hassle and a pain.

  10. Adam Swanson says:

    You know, the duck dynasty comments have slowed down considerably. I’m pretty stoked, because it’s not funny, or original.
    I’ve learned that I truly do love having a beard. I look silly without one and look like a boss with one.
    I’ve learned beards are not for the lazy. You need to take care of it, brush it, oil it, and brush it some more.
    Morning beard is far worse than morning hair.
    Thanks for the month of articles and giveaways!

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