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Honest Amish Beard Kit announcement and giveaway

November 20, 2014 | By | 53 Comments

IMG_8368During any given week, I receive a number of emails and messages from fellow beardsmen asking for advice, product recommendations, and any number of general beard-related questions. I happily answer all of these emails, because that’s what I’m here for, to help my fellow beardsmen.

One question that I’ve repeatedly been asked since I started TitleBeard is “Where can I find a good beard travel kit?” Shaving bags abound, and it isn’t hard to find a quality dopp kit, but up until now, I’ve never seen a beard-specific travel kit. Enter beard product powerhouse Honest Amish. A long-time supporter of TitleBeard, Honest Amish produces a wide range of beard care products perfect for cleaning, conditioning, and styling your beard.

Continuing the expansion of their inventory, Honest Amish has now released a Beard Kit to suit your beard care and travel needs. In conjunction with this product release, Honest Amish is offering TitleBeard readers a shot at winning one of the new Fully Loaded Beard Care Kits, fully stocked and ready to care for your beard.

The Beard Kit comes in two versions, the Ready to Stock Beard Care Kit and the Fully Loaded Beard Care Kit. The Fully Loaded Beard Kit contains the following products:

  • Regular Beard Balm
  • Original Beard Wax
  • Pure (unscented) Beard Oil (this is an oil that hasn’t been released until now)
  • Slick Beard Soap
  • Honest Amish branded Old Familiar Comb Company comb
  • Seasonal Lip Balm (Coffee/Peppermint)

For those of you who are particularly observant, the products listed above do differ slightly than what is in the pictures, as the Beard Kit I was sent was a pre-release version.  The winner of this kit will receive a Regular Beard Balm, Original Beard Wax, Classic Beard Oil, Original Beard Soap, an Honest Amish branded Old Familiar Comb Company comb and Original Lip Balm, all packaged in one of the new Beard Kits.

IMG_8369All of the items are neatly packaged in this travel kit, ready to care for your beard wherever your travels may take you. The bag is constructed of nylon, sturdy yet flexible. The webbing inside holds the products in place during travel but allows for easy removal.

For those of you who may already be stocked up on Honest Amish products, or simply don’t have the money to spend on the Fully Loaded Beard Care Kit, Honest Amish is also offering the Ready to Stock Beard Care Kit, which contains only the Pure (unscented) Beard Oil.   This sells for $29.50 (plus shipping).

The fully loaded kit sells for $89.50 (with free shipping).  However, if you have previously read any articles on TitleBeard concerning Honest Amish, you know that there is a special discount code for TitleBeard readers, and you can use that code on either Beard Kit. To purchase either kit, simply visit and use the code TitleBeard15 for 15% off your entire purchase of $10 or more.

The value of products in the Fully Loaded Beard Care Kit total almost $80.00.  So take the $89.50 price for the full kit, subtract 15% with your TitleBeard15 code and now not only are you getting the kit itself for free, but you’re still getting the products at a discounted price!  If you are interested in purchasing either of these kits, for yourself or as a gift for a bearded friend (or both), do so soon.  Honest Amish has made sure to have a number of these kits on hand, but the Fully Loaded Beard Care Kits are availble in slightly more limited quantities due to the inclusion of the Old Familiar Comb Company comb.  Don’t miss out on your chance to own a great beard kit!

Like previous Honest Amish offerings, this kit is an excellent value for your money. But thanks to the generosity of Honest Amish, you now have a chance to win a fully stocked kit simply by entering the giveaway below.

IMG_8371To enter:
1) Comment on this post and tell us where you’d take a trip with your new kit.
2) Leave your email address in the comment (the winner will be contacted by email).
3) Be patient – all comments must be approved before they are posted, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately.
4) One entry per person.
5) You have until 11/27/2014 at 11:59 PM ET to enter. The winner will be randomly selected and then announced on 11/28/14.

Be sure to follow Honest Amish on Instagram @honest_amish and Like their Facebook page.

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Comments (53)

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  1. Casey Rodgers says:

    Would love to take this kit on a ski trip.

  2. Josh says:

    This kit would a company across the country back to San Diego for Christmas. I will just have to keep it a secret from all the hipsters haha.

  3. shaunie says:

    I would take on to Denver, Colorado. I would love to see their national park

  4. Joe Malucci says:

    I would take this kit with me to the beach. That way with all the sun salt and wind my beard will look great!

  5. Todd Hall says:

    I would take this awesome kit to wherever me and my awesome beard travel. Its a must have for any bearded adventures.

  6. Joshua Allen says:

    I would take a trip to see my grandmother in texas, have not seen here in about 10 years

  7. Lee Powell says:

    I would take my son on a camping trip in the mountians!

  8. manda says:

    It would be a gift!

  9. Jeff Caron says:

    As a truck driver, I am on the road for weeks at a time. This kit would be essential for keeping my whiskers in top condition.

  10. Joel M. Leonard says:

    I would take it with me to visit family in Tennessee, as well as when I travel to beard competitions!

  11. Texican8 says:

    I’d take it to the deer ranch. It’d be perfect.

  12. Tierra Harper says:

    I would love to win this for my hubby and send him on a guy’s camping/fishing trip to Bishop/Mammoth area. With a beard looking that sweet and manly, the fish will be jumping right in to his boat!

  13. I’m headed to Montana and North Dakota to celebrate Christmad with family. I would take it with me, and try to encourage the clean shaven men in my family to grow a pair…..of whiskers

  14. A kit like this is exactly what I’d bring along to see my family who live over 700 miles away and I have not seen in a very long time.

  15. Warren Brooks says:

    i would take this kit to the backwoods of Kentucky so I could share these glorious products with my fellow beardsmen.

  16. Grant Mayer says:

    I’d take it to Missouri with to visit my folks.

  17. Caleb Turner says:

    I’d take it into the woods.

  18. John says:

    I would take this kit to northern wisconsin this winter for ice fishing in the brutal cold

  19. Lee Hinett says:

    I would bring the kit to Ireland, find a forest build a shack and sit on the porch stroking my beard thinking how wonderful it is to be able to wear my masculinity on my face.

  20. Wes Morris says:

    With this new fully stocked beard care kit I would everywhere I went. The kit would take my beard on a journey to beard awsomness no matter where I go.

  21. Chris Huffman says:

    We have a lot of family in surrounding states, and we travel frequently to see them. This kit would be perfect for such outings.

  22. Scott says:

    I would love to take this with me while touring some Mayan ruins in Central America.

  23. Popa Schmeggey says:

    I would go to a bar on ladies night instead of sitting home combing cheetos out of my beard

  24. Craig says:

    I walk to work every day. Winter is rapidly blowing in so this kit would be ideal for the pre and post foot commute in the ever-changing New England weather.

  25. Pep says:

    I would go to visit my nieces and nephew in the LA area. And let my little niece comb my bread which she thinks is cool.

  26. Greg S. says:

    I would take this kit with me on my cruise to Puerto Rico and put it to the test out at sea.
    Ahoy Matey :)

  27. John Arkles says:

    Where wouldn’t I take it! From my work bag to my gym bag and suitcase, I would take it everywhere!

  28. Ryan Gore says:

    I would take it to Branson, Missouri. It would sure make me look Branson fancy.

  29. I would take the kit with me on a trip to Germany to meet the other family members I have never met.

  30. Chris says:

    I would travel from Kent England to Greenville, PA to thank honest amish for creating such amazing products

  31. Nate B says:

    I would take it to visit my dad in California

  32. Chad says:

    I don’t know where I’d go. But I know I’d put this to good use.

  33. Scott Schrier says:

    I would take a trip to Bern, In with my new travel kit and visit the Amish Community on my way to see my parents for Christmas in Bluffton, IN.

  34. adam swanson says:

    Dudes! Silly rad giveaway right here! If I won, I’d pack up and head up to see my parents in Lone Pine, Ca. It’s so beautiful up there and there’s no better way to show off my well groomed beard than my home town!

  35. William Brandon says:

    You know what, I’d take a trip to see all of my family I haven’t seen in a long time to prove to them that I still look JUST as adorable with this beautiful groomed growth on my face!

  36. I’d take a trip with it to work, most likely…I don’t get out too often.

  37. Sean Logie says:

    I would take a trip to either new york or austin so I could see how it handles the competitive bearding circuit.

  38. Seth says:

    You just won this sweet beard care kit, what are you gonna do now? I’m going to Disneyland!

  39. Brandon M says:

    I would take a trip to Ireland,I’d drink a lot of Guinness and enter a beard competition. I would use these products and show how well these products work. I’ve used the beard balm before and I’ve never had any complaints about it. I hope to hear back saying I won, but I congratulate ahead to the winner.

  40. Afton Nordean says:

    I’d send it with the hubs on his camping trips. He’d probably smell a lot better when he got home.

  41. Jordan McCoy says:

    I would definitely take this kit back to Eastern KY when I visit for the holidays!

  42. Steve M. says:

    I would take a sweet trip up to wisconsin. Getting my fill in all the beef n cheese I can and washing it all down with some awesome beers! The kit is an amazing thought and I can’t wait to have mine.

  43. Dennis says:

    My first thought was for camping. However, realistically, I prefer taking fewer things when camping and don’t spend much time on grooming. So, traveling for work would be the place I’m likely to take this most.

    As a follow-up question, do you want the email in the body of the comment or would the Email field (not published) suffice. I notice most folks took the latter approach. Shaun Strange being the exception.

  44. Adam Barraclough says:

    I’ve always wanted to see Alaska. I can’t imagine a better place to put the Honest Amish kit to the test.

    Thanks for offering this.

  45. brian penick says:

    I been itching to take a family camping trip to Big Sur, CA. It would be nice to have a travel pack to use on the go in the morning

  46. Jsin Jaques says:

    Where wouldn’t I take it. It would. Go right next to the first aid kit in the FJ. Needs to go every where I go because you never know when you might have to do some emergency beard care.

  47. Matt says:

    i’d put this stuff to the test and hit the windy city, Chicago.

  48. Neil says:

    I would take a trip to London to show off a classy beard and a classy beard travel kit

  49. Daniel parker says:

    I would go back to Montana with it.

  50. Spencer says:

    I could use this for when I head to Argentina

  51. Shaun Strange says:

    I would pack this kit with me on a trip to the Rockies. This would ensure that my beard stays in tip-top shape and not freeze up in the cold.

  52. Cody says:

    I’d take a trip to Colorado, and use the kit to make sure everything stays in tip-top shape with that cold winter air.

    • Title Beard says:

      Cody – congratulations, you were the randomly selected winner of the Fully Stocked Beard Care Kit! Email TitleBeard[at] to claim your prize!


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