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Product Review: Cornwall Beard Oil and Mustache Wax

December 27, 2013 | By | 1 Comment

Cornwall Beard OilMaking products by hand takes time and dedication. Small-batch handmade products, whether it be beard oil or bourbon, often take even more time, and are made in small batches for reasons ranging from the expense and care it takes to produce the products to simply wanting to release only a limited amount. Cornwall Beard Oil is a 100% natural, small-batch beard oil handcrafted in Connecticut.

Not have time to read the full review right now? No worries, visit the Cornwall Beard Oil Tale of the Tape.

Let’s take a look at the specifics:

Cost: $16 per 1 oz. bottle


Instagram: @CornwallBeardOil

Packaging: Glass bottle with a screw top cap and high quality paper label.

I first connected with Cornwall Beard Oil on Instagram and was excited to receive a bottle from the first batch of their beard oil. During my use of the product, I exchanged a number of emails with Tommy Juliano Jr. (he and his wife founded and run the company), and it quickly became apparent not only how much time they put into making their oil, but also how the “100% natural” is not simply a gimmick but a 100% true statement.

In addition to the ingredients that include pure organic almond oil and pure organic argan oil, some of the ingredients are ones that Tommy forages for himself. Tommy also is a beardsman himself, so the products get tested on his beard long before they ever hit the market. In speaking with Tommy, he took the time to explain that not only are the ingredients and the process of making the oil important, but that he and his wife even went as far as to choose modest packaging that reflected their minimalist values. Having spent quite a bit of time with my bottle, I can tell you that “modest” in no way means cheap or ugly as you can see from the bottle pictured above.

The beard oil arrived via USPS in a bubble envelope, with extra bubble wrap around the bottle.  There was also a plastic heat seal on the cap to prevent any oil from leaking out, and none did during transit.

Consistency: I applied the beard oil as I do all others – pour a small amount in my hand (about the size of a quarter or slightly larger), worked it between my hands to coat them and then, starting on the underside of my beard, worked my way out to the ends of the hair.  I repeat that same motion starting at the skin level a few times and then do a once or twice over the outside of my beard from top to bottom to shape it.  The consistency was a little bit thinner than some of the beard oils I have tried, but this did not take away from the overall effectiveness of the oil, nor did it require using more to gain the desired effect.

Conditioning: Looking at conditioning, I look at the “taming” factor.  Will the beard oil effectively tame my beard for the day – giving me a natural look while also calming down some of the natural waviness of my hair?  Cornwall Beard Oil passed this test, and did so very well.  My most common use of the beard oil would be in the morning after a shower and drying off my beard.  I would apply it and then go about my day.  The vast majority of the time, the beard oil would give me the look I wanted for throughout the entire work day.

Per usual, I cannot speak to any healing effects the oil might have on hair because my beard hair is generally not damaged from the use of any harsh products or excessive heat like from a hair dryer.  Generally speaking, I did notice that the beard oil gave my beard a nice sheen and it did always feel soft, even hours after the initial application.

Scent: I have described the scent as sort of a spiced, woodsy scent.  However, for those of you looking for a scent to compare it to, after application, I would liken it to the original Polo cologne (the one in the green bottle with the gold cap).  Granted, I have not used that cologne in quite a long time, but after the first few times I applied the beard oil, I thought to myself “Hmm, that kind of smells like Polo”.

It was a very pleasant scent, not overbearing, and the majority of the scent did seem to fade within an hour or so after application, which is standard if not slightly longer than most beard oils.  Of course, if you are using more or less than I did, the scent could fade later or sooner.  Cornwall has definitely produced an original scent here, different than all of the beard oils I have sampled so far, and although the scent is not particularly long lasting, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an unique scent.

Comparative Cost:  One of the few downsides of a small batch product is that when word spreads and people start buying it, there can sometimes be a short delay before the next batch is ready.  At the time of publication of this article, according to their website, the beard oil is currently sold out but I know the next batch will be available soon.

Suffice it to say, it is worth the wait.  At $16 for a one ounce bottle, it is an excellent value.  The quality of ingredients alone and 100% natural aspect will put it in the “buy” column for many, but I would highly recommend it for its conditioning capabilities.

cornwall m waxNext, we move on to the Cornwall Mustache Wax. Don’t have time to read the full review? No problem. Visit The Tale of the Tape.

Packaging: The Cornwall Mustache Wax comes in a screw top tin, with a circumference slightly less than a standard pop can. The label is individually cut, brown recycled craft paper. The overall presentation is indicative of Cornwall’s handmade, individualized approach to their product making, and looks great.

Scent: Off the bat, let me say – I love this scent. So much so, that if Cornwall decides to make this a cologne, I will be wearing it. The spruce essential oil offers the dominant scent, giving the wax a crisp, woodsy scent with slight wax undertones. The spruce offers a fresh take on the woodsy scent offered in many facial hair products, and is an extremely pleasant scent to smell after application. The scent, as with most waxes, mostly fades within thirty minutes or so of application, but I would catch whiffs of it here and there and it was always pleasant.

Application/Hold: To apply the wax, I would simply scrape some out with the back of my thumbnail, then work it between my thumb and forefinger before working it into my moustache, starting from the center and working my way out. I tend to start with smaller amounts of wax and continually apply more if needed. When using the Cornwall Mustache Wax, I mostly went for more of a daily driver style designed to just keep my mustache out of my mouth. I did try for a couple more aggressive styles, but with the wax being more of a medium hold wax, I found it to be more appropriately used for a daily style given the length of my mustache.

The malleability of the wax made it very easy to work with right out of the tin, no extra warming was needed. I would still recommend using a mustache comb to help distribute the wax through your mustache, unless your mustache is very short, but the wax can easily be worked in with your fingers.

Comparative Cost: A 1.5 ounce tin of the wax sells for $14 (plus shipping). Comparatively, this is about average for mustache waxes. However, the amount of wax (1.5 oz) is slightly higher than most 1 oz containers you see. Also, if you’re a fan of handmade products, and want an awesome scent, this is more than worth the money.

For more information, and to keep an eye out for when the beard oil goes back on sale, visit, and be sure to follow them on Instagram, @CornwallBeardOil. They love connecting with their fans and are always happy to post pictures they receive from their happy customers.

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