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“W” is for Wunderbeard: Another Perspective on My First Facial Hair Competition

July 28, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

BROWN beard BELTHere at TitleBeard, I recently wrote about My First Facial Hair Competition. As I mentioned, there was a blogger there covering the competition, and on her site – Champagne on a Beer Budget – she has a great write-up of the competition complete with pictures of the competitors and some other wearers of facial hair.

Here is a brief excerpt from her write-up:

Did someone say BEARD CONTEST? Where the hell would I ever find one of those? Right in my own back yard, of course!

Determined to uncover what’s involved in growing and maintaining award-winning facial hair, I traveled all the way to Lexington to interview participants in one of these so-called contests. The first annual “Beards and Brews” competition was held at Shamrock Bar & Grille earlier this month and was the perfect opportunity to tap into the subculture about which I had only ever fantasized. I’ll spare you those details for now.

For the full article, including some pictures of, and comments about, yours truly, read “W” is for Wunderbeard.

Also, to keep up with the diverse topics she writes about, be sure to “Like” Champagne on a Beer Budget on Facebook.

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