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The Story of My Beard

July 26, 2013 | By | 3 Comments

BROWN beard BELTOn August 1 of this year, I will be celebrating the unofficial one year anniversary of growing my beard. I have a separate article planned for that occasion that will come with a picture of my beard, but in the meantime, I want to share a bit about my personal facial hair history and how my beard got to where it is today.

If this sort of personal recollection doesn’t interest you, it won’t hurt my feelings if you go ahead and visit the next article. Some may consider reminiscence such as this purely an exercise in vanity, but I look at it as a partial statement of my qualifications to run Title Beard. When looking for a source of information, you want to know about qualifications, you want to know about experience. I am by no means a “professional beard grower”, but I’ve had some form of facial hair for over half my life and given my own learning experience with my facial hair over the last 11+ months, I feel I’m qualified to talk about the subject. If you’d like to hear more about my journey, read on.

My recollection of facial hair in general begins with one of my first memories. I remember my father sporting a full beard and mustache until he was required to shave it off due to safety regulations involving protective masks at his place of employment. I remember asking why he shaved his beard and he said that he was allowed to keep a small goatee that the mask could fit around, but instead chose to stick with a mustache alone. Many of my uncles had facial hair, my mother’s father sported an occasional goatee and mustache – the positive male influences in my life were also some great examples of facial hair.

Like many other young men growing up, my peer group saw facial hair as a sign of maturity, and thankfully for my self-esteem, mine came in quickly. I had a solid goatee before I was 16 and minus shaving for some job interviews, have had some facial hair since that time. I wore only a goatee through college (with an occasional full beard in the winter) into law school, had a (regretful) soul patch through some of my first year of law school and then transitioned into a connected goatee and mustache.

Starting in 2011, I grew a full beard, but kept it trimmed very close to my skin. My wife requested I move back to the goatee and mustache for our wedding in May 2011 with the promise of “you can do whatever you want with your facial hair after the wedding”.

As the weather started getting colder in the fall of 2011, I again began wearing a full beard. Fast forward to August 1, 2012, I was preparing to do my usual bi-weekly beard trimming when I thought to myself, “I wonder how long I can grow my beard.” Despite her earlier reassurances, I checked with my wife to see if a longer beard would bother her. Her only request was “keep your mustache trimmed down”.

I complied with this for the first six to seven months, but once I realized that mustache wax could be used for more than styling an awesome handlebar, I started to let my mustache grow as well, and it has remained untrimmed since. Thankfully, a daily waxing of my mustache has kept the wife happy as well.

Once my beard really started to come in, the few of my friends who watched Whisker Wars would repeatedly ask me if I was looking for a guest spot on the show.  More often, though, I would get asked if I was going to be an extra on Duck Dynasty.  As I’m sure some of my bearded brethren would tell you – that joke only gets more hilarious every time we hear it.

Outside of some tapering of the top of my sideburns when I get my hair cut, I currently do not trim either my beard or my mustache. So there you have it – the story of my beard (and mustache). For those of you who wear facial hair – what’s your story? Comment with your own facial hair style and what made you decide on that. Was it purely a personal choice? Influenced by your work environment? I’m interested to hear your stories.

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Comments (3)

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  1. Title Beard says:

    Hey Jake,

    Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on keeping your facial hair. Keep us updated on how it goes (and grows)!


  2. It all started back in November 2012. Charity events in growing a moustache for the month. I didn’t opt going down the charity route I wanted to go one step further. Grow a full beard and continue to grow it to who knows when? I’m usually a clean shaven boy but this time after 4 months of pure growing it’s doing pretty well. Life without a beard would suck and this is why my beard isnt going anywhere fast despite people tell me to shave it all off. It’s here for the long term. Me and a best friend have both been growing them continously now and we are known as the beardy pair. We even tried to persuade friends and family on a idea we put together,

    Each person does a clean shave on the 1st of January, puts 50quid In a pot and the last one person to not trim or shave beard or moustache off wins and takes the cash. They all bailed on that idea so my life continues with my facial hair and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Peace out

  3. Chris says:

    Happy beard b-day!

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