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Product Review: Honest Amish beard products

July 26, 2013 | By | 6 Comments

Picture from Honest Amish’s Facebook page.

This review focuses on products from the first company from which I purchased some facial hair products – Honest Amish.

After ordering a few Honest Amish products, I immediately wanted to try some more. With this in mind, I sent shop owner Wolfgang a message to request some of their other all natural and organic products to try.

I was especially interested in trying out their new Heavy Duty Beard Balm. I got great results with their original beard balm, and looked forward to what the heavy duty version had to offer.

Wolfgang quickly sent me a number of Honest Amish products (pictured below).

Pictured below are an Extra Grit Beard Wax sample (in the tin), Slick Beard Soap, Cypress and Cedarwood Soap, and Heavy Duty Beard Balm.

Honest Amish products.

From Honest Amish’s Etsy Store:

We are makers of premium organic licorice, salves, soaps, and sundries. We hand make, pour, cut, and create every product from scratch using only the finest organic and natural ingredients.

Basic, simple, and pure. Made by hand the same way today as they were centuries ago here in the U.S.A.

The first thing you’ll notice with nearly any Honest Amish products you order is the amazing scent when you open the box. With this particular mix of the products I received to review, I opened the box and was blown away by how awesome it smelled.

I have previously discussed that I am always on the lookout for good products to wash my beard because I wash it daily, but want it to be healthy and look great. Simply put, the Slick Beard Soap helps me do that. I used the Slick Beard Soap every day for two weeks and it did not dry my beard out at all.

It lathers well and has a scent very similar to that of the slick beard wax. While the Slick Beard Soap is not yet listed for sale on Honest Amish’s website, all Honest Amish soap is priced at $6.50 per bar; and they are large bars of soap, so that is a lot of soap for the money, especially if you only use it on your face and beard like I do.

I also used the Cypress and Cedarwood soap – it has a stronger scent than the Slick Beard Soap, and worked almost as well as the Slick Beard Soap on my beard. I do prefer the scent of the Slick Beard Soap, but if you like Cedarwood, the Cypress and Cedarwood will be right up your alley.

Honest Amish Slick Beard Soap, Cypress and Cedarwood Soap, Heavy Duty Beard Balm and a sample of Extra Grit Beard Wax. Photo Credit MWG.

With the first order I placed with Honest Amish, I ordered some of the slick beard wax, which is a great natural-hold wax for one’s beard and mustache. For this review, Wolfgang sent me some of the Extra Grit Beard wax.

Honest Amish has this to say about the Extra Grit Beard Wax:

This one seems to be a hit with some of our local hair stylists. Aside from adding volume and control to your beard, our Extra Grit Beard Wax works exceptionally well as a hair product to help control, shape, and also relieve frizz in your hair. It’s a blend of organic oils, locally harvested beeswax, and natural clays to provide your beard and hair with conditioning and a nice spiced scent from the natural essential oils within. Comes in a two ounce tin packed nicely in a small burlap bag, perfect gift!

The Extra Grit Beard Wax has a faint licorice smell, but it is neither overwhelming or unpleasant (unless you hate licorice, of course). The wax is extremely easy to manipulate, not tacky at all. It is easy to scoop out of the tin with the back of a nail and then roll in between your thumb and fingers to work into your beard.

As I did with the Slick Beard Wax from the first order I placed with Honest Amish, I tried the Extra Grit Wax on both my beard and mustache. The Extra grit wax is not an “extra hold” wax that is extremely tacky. It did allow me to style a solid natural-looking handlebar mustache, and I liked the hold that it gave my beard. The natural clays in the wax do a good job of conditioning your beard and mustache.

I will definitely purchase a number of products from Honest Amish in the future, but in choosing between waxes, I would stick with the Slick Beard Wax. While I do like the Extra grit wax, I prefer the scent and hold offered by the Slick Beard Wax. The Honest Amish site states that some hair stylists like using the Extra Grit Wax for hair styling, but as I do not style my hair (frankly, I don’t have enough on the top of my head to style), I can’t attest to how well that would work. But given the malleability it gave my mustache and beard, I think it could work well as a hair product as well.

A two-ounce tin of the Extra Grit Beard Wax runs $12.95 plus shipping. It comes in an aluminum tin with a twist top and high quality paper label.

In terms of the Heavy Duty Beard Balm, Honest Amish offers this description:

Much like our tried and tested beard balm, our new heavy duty beard balm will be the next must have for all you fellow beardos out there in competition land. We use only the finest organic oils and butters blended to perfection to create this magnificent beard control and conditioning balm. Similar to our original beard balm, but this one has a slightly thicker consistency and gives more control and softening. It’s still a conditioner, so not a replacement to a wax. Tested and approved by beard teams and beard aficionados and across the country! The scent is a blend of all natural essential oils and smells like an old fashioned, pure, light, and crisp. If you like our other products, you’re going to love this.

“Pure, light, and crisp” is an excellent way to describe the scent. For those of you not familiar with the Honest Amish Beard Balm, both the original and Heavy Duty come in a two-ounce aluminum tin with a twist top and high-quality paper labels.

The Beard Balm is solid inside the tin; to apply the balm, I would scoop out a small amount (about the size of 1-2 peas) and then rub it in my hands. Within seconds, the balm goes from a solid state to a liquid state. I would make sure the balm was distributed evenly over my hands and then work it through my beard starting at skin level out to the tips of the hair. My personal technique starts under the beard working my way out and then over my sideburns and cheek area and then finally over my mustache.

The Heavy Duty Beard Balm does have a slightly thicker consistency than the original balm, as advertised, and it does provide more hold than the original which allows you to give your beard a great shape to start the day. Both balms offer a solid foundation to use with any of the Honest Amish wax products.

The Heavy Duty Beard Balm can be purchased on the Honest Amish Etsy site, and a two ounce tin goes for $14.50 plus shipping. Both the waxes and the balms come packaged in a small burlap bag that would make an excellent presentation if you’re giving it as a gift.

One of the things I like most about Honest Amish is that they provide a beginning to end line of products for one’s facial hair. It starts with a choice of soaps to clean your beard, one of two balms to use as leave-in conditioners, and then a number of waxes to provide your beard and mustache with a great shape that works anywhere your day might take you.

Honest Amish also offers a selection of lip balms, and a hand and body salve in addition to their facial hair products. The company also offers custom orders that can be personalized – I recently spotted one on their page for a baby shower with an owl theme that included soaps and lip balms with custom labels, and suffice it to say, it looked great.

For more information on Honest Amish and to see all the great products they have to offer, visit their Etsy Shop, and be sure to like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter, @HonestAmish_com

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Comments (6)

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  1. Capatin Isaacs says:

    I have been trying out the Beard Wax, I dig it. Its not something I use all the time, just when I want to smooth it all down haha. I like the smell and hold too.

  2. Title Beard says:

    Hey Sean,

    Thanks for your question. As it happened, I did my review of the Honest Amish soaps prior to using the specific categories I do now, so I missed out on addressing manageability on its own.

    Suffice it to say, Honest Amish soap is an excellent all around product. I use Honest Amish Slick Beard Soap on a daily basis when I’m not using another soap for purposes of a review. Its ability to clean while not stripping oils and the post-washing manageability it gives me is excellent.

    Even when my beard was shorter, but especially now that it has some length, I find that using the Honest Amish soap gives me a great manageability setup for any conditioning or styling products I want to use afterwards. Of course I like to follow up the Honest Amish soap with some of their beard balm and/or beard wax, but I’ve also found that using the soap gives me a great manageability/set-up to also use traditional beard oils and other products.

    It is an all natural soap, so it doesn’t lather as quickly as many traditional soaps, but it doesn’t take much longer to get a good lather going. I would rank it as either the top soap, or tied for top soap that I have used to this point.

    If you’re thinking about ordering some Honest Amish products, be sure to check out the Beard Care Basics article that was sponsored by Honest Amish, and if you decide to order some products, make sure to use the code TITLEBEARD for free domestic shipping on any order over $25. Happy Bearding!

    • Tony says:

      The coupon code expired today. I had my cart with the code all set up last night but wasn’t able to get around to paying until this morning and now it’s expired. Just a heads up. I’ve been using their regular beard balm for a while with good results and wanted to check out their other stuff.

      • Title Beard says:


        Thank you for letting me know! I sent an email to the owner to let him know. Hopefully it’ll be resolved within a day or so. When the code is up and running again, I’ll comment and let you know!


      • Title Beard says:

        Hey Tony,

        The code is up and working again. Enjoy!


  3. Sean says:

    Out of curiosity, in your other reviews of soaps/shampoos, you discuss manageability… But that is not mentioned at all in your review of Honest Amish. I would be interested to know how you feel it stacks up against Grandpa’s and the NSF soaps.

    @loveit2deathpunk (instagram)

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