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Product Review: CanYouHandlebar Moustache Waxes and Beard Dry Oil

July 26, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

CYH cover I have been growing my beard and moustache for about 11 months now and recently started using some different products to help keep it groomed. Thanks to Doug at, I had the opportunity to sample CanYouHandleBar’s Dry Beard Oil, Primary6 Mustache Wax, and Secondary6 Mustache Wax.

Beard Dry Oil: The Beard Dry Oil is simply an excellent product. It provides your facial hair with oils that your hair needs, ones that are depleted from washing and exposure to the elements. I use the Beard Dry Oil daily, either in the morning after a shower or in the evening right before I go to bed, sometimes both. I find it’s a great product to use in the morning because in addition to the oil, the beeswax in the oil allows you to give your beard a great shape first thing in the morning. To keep the shape, you should apply a complementary product, such as a beard wax, but the Beard Dry Oil is an excellent foundation for any other products you wish to apply.

In terms of the actual application, I tried both methods suggested by facial hair product Guru and CYH founder Doug: 1) Application directly from the can. Holding the can in one hand allows you to simply rub the oil over your facial hair. I think this method would work perfect for those with shorter facial hair, because it allows for a quick but thorough application. However, as my facial hair was longer, I found I preferred method 2) Scooping a bit out (a pea sized amount) working it over my hands and then into my beard.

Beard Dry Oil - available at

Beard Dry Oil – available at

The oil gave my beard a good shine that didn’t look unnatural. I did find in my first few uses that I was not distributing the oil throughout my entire beard, so some small areas would look kind of oily, but this was remedied by simply taking more time to make sure the oil was evenly distributed throughout my whole beard. The smell of the Dry Beard Oil is pleasant and very slight. I liked the smell, but often didn’t notice it within a few minutes after application. A can of the Beard Dry Oil goes for $18 plus shipping.

Primary6 Natural Hold Moustache Wax: The CYH website states, “Primary6 is a hand-crafted wax that provides a balanced hold. Are you a laid back gentleman that would prefer to encourage your hairs rather than resorting to the use of force? This is your wax. This all-natural formula smells great and contains no artificial dyes or fragrances.” That’s quite an accurate description, but don’t underestimate Primary6’s power. The hold is substantial, and can obviously be made more substantial given the amount of wax you choose to you.

I have used Primary6 on a number of different occasions, both for a more natural look and also as a base wax (before applying Secondary6) to style a substantial handlebar moustache. Primary6 does smell great, but it’s not overwhelming. It has a lingering scent, the strength of which also varies depending on the amount you use. A tin of Primary6 is $9 plus shipping.


Secondary6 Moustache Wax - available at

Secondary6 Moustache Wax – available at

Secondary6 Extra Hold Moustache Wax: Secondary6 is an excellent wax that provides an exceptionally strong hold without making your moustache stiff. On a few different occasions, I used Primary6 to set the initial shape of my handlebar (and sometimes other style) moustache, and then used Secondary6 to firm up the hold and really finalize the shape.

A couple times, when styling my moustache, I used a fair amount of Secondary6 for a lot of hold, and on those occasions, I noticed that my moustache held up overnight, and when I woke up in the morning, I was able to simply reshape the moustache to a handlebar and the hold remained. Because of the strength of Secondary6, it does take a little bit of time to work into a pliable material that can be distributed through your moustache. When I used it, I only used the finger/thumb roll method before applying it, but the wax could also be warmed with a hairdryer or by running the can under warm water.

As with the Primary6, there is a pleasant smell to the Secondary6, and both waxes have a stronger scent than the Dry Beard Oil, but personally I liked them. It’s hard for me to describe exactly what the waxes smell like, but it is not a flowery scent; more what one would likely describe as a masculine scent, appropriate for such a product. A tin of the Secondary6 goes for $9.

Outside of the products themselves, I was extremely pleased with my experience with CanYouHandleBar. The shipping was fast, and each shipment comes with “Beard care” and “Moustache care” cards that offer some helpful suggestions in addition to humor. The tins have a plastic seal around the lids, and in a padded envelope to prevent any disturbance during shipping. The lid of each of the tins bears an almost imperceptible question mark stamp, reminding buyers of the question that is always being asked “Can you handlebar?”.

It should also be noted that the purveyor of these products, Doug, prides himself on interacting with fans and purchasers of CYH products. The Facebook page shows user-submitted photos of some excellent handlebar moustaches and beards, and he can also be found talking with any one of his twitter followers. Finally, on a personal note, I have to say that I really like the layout of the CYH website in addition to the pictures used to advertise the products. CanYouHandleBar does not view moustaches with irony, but respect, and the photos of the products also contain other items that most people would associate with other tenets of being a gentleman; pocket knives, cufflinks, beard tokens, and watches, to name a few. (To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out the CYH banner in the right sidebar of the MWG site.)

For more information and to purchase any of the products, visit, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter, @CanYouHandleBar

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